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Read your contract. Basically, you have the right to pay the default amount, the repo fees, storage,ect and get your car back. UNLESS there are other defaults you forgot to mention.

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Q: If you only had one late payment which was 8 payments prior to your last month when the car was repossessed what rights do you have?
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How many days late on car payment before it can be repo?

The length of time that a car payment can be late without being repossessed will depend on the bank or car dealers agreements. Payments made after a month may be in jeopardy of being repossessed.

I was two months behind but still pay a payment every month. can the car still get repossessed?

If they are accepting your payments, they probably won't take your car.

What are your monthly payments?

Monthy payments are payments you make every month, like a house payment, loan payment, water, electric, gas (for heating), phone, insurance if you pay monthly, etc.

How many missed payments does it take for a car to legally be repossessed in Florida?

It depends on your juristiction. Most juristictions around the United States of America can legally repossess your vehicle if you're late on your payment by just 1 month.

If a car is repossessed and you agree to make some kind of payments ever month will they still list it on your credit as a repo?

Yes but it will also list that you are making payments!

What is the time frame to repossess a car in Texas?

Under Texas law, a vehicle may be repossessed even if payment was only late for 10 days. This means that is payment was due on the first day of the month, and payment has not been settled on the tenth, then, vehicle will be repossessed on the eleventh.

What are amortization tables used for?

Amortization tables are used to figure what your payment will be on a big purchase, such as a house or car, from month to month. In the schedule, you principal payments will stay the same, but your interest will change over time.

What is the best way for one to reduce mortgage payments?

The best way to have a mortgage payment reduced is to make sure you pay your mortgage payment on time every month or earlier if you can. You can also double up on payments and then contact lenders about a lower payment loan.

Sherri has a gross monthly salary of 4700 She has a 425 car loan payment and a 330 student loan payment due each month She also has two credit card loan payments each month one of 127 and the?

Sherri has a gross monthly salary of 4700 She has a 425 car loan payment and a 330 student loan payment due each month She also has two credit card loan payments each month one of 127 and the other is 527.

How much is the typical monthly maintenance payments for a Toyota Prius?

In California with $10,000 down payment and 2.9 APR. Payment is $272 Per month (Including Tax)

Can a car be repossessed one day after a payment was made?

Sure it can, if that payment was not enough to fufill your end of the contract. A car wont be repossessed if it is only a month behind. If you are five months behind, and make one payment, you are still behind... even the next day, when you are only four months behind. One payment may not catch you up. When you purchased the car, the deal was, likely, that you get to drive the sellers car, (seller still owns it till the final payment is made), and the seller gets money from you at stated time intervals, likely once per month. If you broke your end of the deal, you no longer have a right to drive the car owned by someone else. Make those payments on time, then you need never worry about the repo man.

Why do home equity line of credit payments change from month to month?

It is all good news. The interest portion of the payments are based on the number of days of the month as well as the principal remaining on the loan. Also, part of your payment reduces the amount of your loan (principal) that you are paying on.

When are social security payments deposited into a bank account?

Generally, SSI payments arrive on the first of the month. For example, a May payment would arrive on May 1. See the link for further information.

When mortgage payments are made in what way does the interest portion change each month and why?

Each month, the interest portion of the payment decreases and the principal portion of the payment increases. The interest decreases because the outstanding principal balance decreases each month as payments arev made. At the beginning of a loan, the interest portion of a payment is large and the principal is small. Towards the end of the loan, the interest portion is small and the principal portion is larger.

What are mortgage payments?

They are payments you make on your house loan every month. If you are looking for specific mortgage payment amounts, there are many calculators out there to use. I will include one in the related links. Payments can be fixed or variable depending on the terms of the mortgage. In some instances there might be a balloon payment at the end of the term.

How can you have your car repossessed i lost my job and can't afford it.?

Did you give it back to the finance company? If you still have the car, job or no job, they will be expecting a payment every month. You may be able to call them and make payment arrangements with them.

What if you are late 3 days on car payment?

Nothing I believe they only repossess your car if your a month or more off on your payments

If you make a down payment in the middle of the month and want your payments near the end of each month do you have to make a payment that month?

Talk to the lender to see if you can move your paments up to the end of the month. This would be undertandable enough for them, and they would probably go along with it. Make sure you get it in writing, though.

In S.C. what is the length of time without a payment can a car be repossessed?

The time your contract says. If once a week or once a month. Read the contract or bend over.

Reduce Costs On Mortgage Payments?

Mortgage payments are typically paid monthly, making 12 payments per year. However, if one extra payment is made each year, thousands could be saved in interest alone and the loan repayment period shortened by years. One easy way to accomplish this is by changing the frequency of payments. Instead of making one payment a month, pay half the monthly amount every two weeks. Another option is to pay a small additional amount over the monthly payment every month that equals approximately 1/12th of the monthly payment. By the end of 12 months, an extra payment will be completed.

Can a company repossess your car if you are making your required payments on time every month but were behind one payment from the year before?

but were behind one payment from the year before?":**** you answered your own question, didnt you? Pay them $5.00 per month on the way behind payment and maybe they will be quiet. LOL

Can you make biweekly payments instead of monthly?

If you are referring to a vehicle, you can make as many payments during a month that you want. There are very few financial institutions or in-house financiers that won't accept a payment.

If you are a month behind on rent have been in contact with the landlord Can he still evict me if I make the rent payments current?

If he accepts the rent he cannot evict you for non payment, but could ask you to leave based on constant tardiness of payment. If he doesn't accept the payments this means he is evicting you.

Does social security pay at the beginning or end of the month?

If you filed for benefits before May 1997:Social Security payments are usually dated and delivered on the third day of the month following the month for which the payment is due. For example, payments for January are delivered on February 3. If the third of the month is a Saturday, Sunday or Federal holiday, payments are dated and delivered on the first day preceding the third of the month which is not a Saturday, Sunday, or Federal holiday. For example, if the third is a Saturday or Sunday, payments are delivered on the preceding Friday.If you filed for benefits in or after May 1997:If you file for Social Security benefits May 1, 1997, or later, you are assigned one of three new payment days based on the date of birth of the person on whose record your entitlement is established (the insured individual):The payment day for insured individuals born on the 1st through the 10th of the month is the second Wednesday of each month;The payment day for insured individuals born on the 11th through the 20th of the month is the third Wednesday of each month; andThe payment day for insured individuals born after the 20th of the month is the fourth Wednesday of each month.If the scheduled Wednesday payment day is a Federal holiday, payment is made on the preceding day that is not a Federal holiday.Exceptions to the May 1997 Rule:You will receive your Social Security payment on the third of the month if you are any of the following:A beneficiary who also receives SSI payment;A beneficiary whose income is deemed to an SSI recipient;A beneficiary whose Medicare premiums are paid for by the state in which you live;A beneficiary living in a foreign country;A beneficiary entitled to payments on the third of the month, who later became entitled on another record, as long as there is no break in your entitlement;A recipient of garnished payments, tax levy case payments, or payments made via the critical payment system; orA beneficiary entitled on the same record as one of the above.Your SSI (SUPPLEMENT SECURITY INCOME) checks NOT your social security benefit check are U.S. government checks. They usually come in the mail on the first of the month. Your check must be cashed within 12 months after the date of the check or it will be void.If the first of the month falls on a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday, you will get your check on the banking day before.

What is considered a late payment to the credit agency?

== == If you are in an agreement to make monthly payments, on the same day each month and the payment is NOT received by the lender on THAT day, you are "LATE' Continual late payments are considered a bad sign as it indicates that you are not managing your money very well. When you get more than ONE MONTH behind, that is a further black mark on your credit history.