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1. Find a car with a large factory rebate(some are over $6000.00). Some lenders will allow you to use the rebate as cash down. Put down some additional cash to help with the payoff of your car, and negotiate the price of the new car down to invoice or less, and you may be able to get out of your current car.

2. If its a lease you are in, there is a service called "swap a lease" which may be able to help. They can be found online by doing a search.

3. Contact the lien holder and find out if they would be willing to refinance the car for a longer term yielding lower monthly installments.

4. Try to find someone to take over the payments.

5. Do voluntary reposesion.

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Q: If you owe about 45K on a car that is only worth 32K and you can no longer afford the payments what options do you have?
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