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Your SS number or date of birth isn't necessary in order to report financial defaults. And if you signed a lease or deed, it probably contains a paragraph regarding the hoa fees. If it doesn't, you are not bound to pay anything because there's no contract in place.

However, if you're a member of the community and you benefit from the work the association does, you really should pay the hoa fees.

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Q: If you owe back hoa fees but never signed an agreement or anything can it go on your credit report even if they don't have your ssn or date of birth?
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How can you get a repo off your credit when someone else caused it?

I don't know what you mean by "caused" it, but if you signed the loan papers or signed as a co-signer, you most likely can not get it off. If it was not your debt and you didn't sign anything, you can write a letter to the credit bureau and tell them that you are disputing it and you want it taken off your credit report. If within 30(I think) days , the lender has no objections and does not respond to the credit bureau, they take it off. Go to this website for more info:

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