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doing what you suggest will only dig your financial hole even deeper. You are obligated to pay the balance owed on the loan. You will owe that amount until you pay it off or declare B/K. Dont listen to the car salespersons hype. they ONLY want to sell you a car, not correct your bad credit rating.

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Is Irelands money worth more than US money?

Euro is worth more then dollar.

Why not print more money?

the more money you have the less it's worth

Why is a rich mans money worth more than a pore mans money?

Whi is a rich mans money worth more than a pore mans money

Is japan money worth more than American money?

No, Japanese money is worth more. If you had one dollar in american money, in would be worth 99 cents in Japan. Not much of a difference.

In what country is US money worth the most?

In mexico, Our money is worth 30x more than are money in the US of A !

Do I have to pay for the next month's rent if my landlord breaks the lease and I move out before the end of the month?

well, if the land lord broke the lease, then you are not responsible and do not have to pay, because it is not you but the land lord. if you move out of the house before the lease is over, then the money you gave the land lord beforehand will stay and you will have to pay more money, which is the amount of money that you woul've paid if you didn't break the lease!

What if new landlord wants more money after you have signed a lease?

In some states the lease must be honored by the new landlord, while in others the new landlord may be free to make whatever changes he wants, such as collect more money for deposit.

How much money is frank rudy worth?

He is worth more than money can give.....<3

Is it more cost effective to lease or buy a new car?

It is more effective to buy. If you lease, then you will be paying for the car for a number of years, but will be obligated to either buy the car or get a new one, but all money paid into the lease will be lost. When buying, you have documented ownership.

How much money is Jim Carey worth?

who is worth more money: Jim Carey or Jenny McCarthy??

Do you pay an interest rate when you lease?

You pay a lease "factor" that's not technically an interest rate. To determine how much you pay each month, the leasing company calculates how much your car is worth (now and at the lease end), divides this by the months you'll have the car for and assigns a factors to this amount. The leasing companies are in business to make money and they'd often rather have you lease the car than buy it - there's more profit there.

Is money that was printed incorrectly worth money?

Yes, actually in most cases it's worth more than correctly printed money.

Who is worth more money Nick Cannon or Mariah Carey?

Mariah Carey is worth more. She has a net worth of $225 million.

What actors and actresses appeared in Sometimes the Dress Is Worth More Money Than the Money - 2001?

The cast of Sometimes the Dress Is Worth More Money Than the Money - 2001 includes: Tracey Emin

Is Caribbean money worth more than US money?

Yes, a dollar seventy(US) more

In English money which one is worth more a Penny or a Shilling?

The Shilling is worth more. There were 12 Pennies in a Shilling.

What makes 1900 silver dollar worth more money?

There is nothing you can do to make a coin worth more than what it is.

Is gold still in rock form wroth money?

it is worth money but it is worth a lot more if the ore is removed from the rock/mineral

What kind of rocks and minerals are worth money?

Gold. Platinum.silver uranium diamond rubies emeralds. And more

How much is 2.31 worth in US money?

$2.31 is worth just that in US money, Two-Dollars and 31 cents. No more, no less.

What money is worth more Guatemala money or Mexican money?

rate of exchange between Guatemalan currency and the dollar

Why do guns sell for more than they are worth?

Define "worth." If someone paid an amount of money for an object, it was worth it to that person.

How much money is uranium worth?

Uranium is worth $6 a pound, and 1,000,000,000,000 pounds of it is worth more than your life.

Who is worth more money Mariah Carey or Beyonce?

Mariah is worth $225 Million! Beyonce is worth $450 million!

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