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Yes on both counts. Pay the women.


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no you can not be forced to divorce your husband or wife

She started the settlement of Rhode Island. She did this after she was forced to leave Boston.

Not in any civilzed country

To the best of my knowledge, I know of nowhere in the civilized world where anybody would be "forced" to divorce.AnswerCouples will never be "forced" to divorce, but if one party to the marriage successfully seeks a divorce through the relevant courts, then the marriage is deemed to be terminated and both parties are therefore divorced, even if one of them wishes to remain married.

In the United States you cannot be forced to agree but the divorce can proceed without your consent. You cannot force a person to stay married when they want to dissolve the marriage.

Yes. Once a home equity loan, always a home equity loan; but there are certain programs that give breaks in rate to previous home equity acquisitioners.

Primarily it is thought that Prince Charles wanted the divorce. Diana stated that she was not interested in a divorce. It is said the Queen forced the issue in early 1996.

in a nutshell, the settlement of the last frontier changed the lives of natives in many ways. it forced them out of their homeland, depleated the population of their main food sorce (the buffalo), and forced them onto reservations.

Henry VIII wanted to divorce his wife, but divorce is forbidden for Catholics, so he established the Church of England

because he violently abused her,threatened to kill her and forced her to have liposuction

There is no prohibition against divorce in the Torah. Although the husband has to initiate divorce according to Jewish law, in cases of abuse, the husband can be forced to do so. The exception regarding no prohibition against divorce is that a husband can't divorce his wife due to illness or inability to have children.

This happens during divorce separated by the court. This happens to avoid bodily harm.

Hi its nothing special, a woman can get Divorce from the court on the bases of "Khullah" all you need is to contact a Lawyer in Pakistan. You will finally get a Divorce Certificate. Mr. Hayat Ashraf (Advocate) Cell +92-0333-4365692

Sparta depended on slaves and helots (people from a nearby settlement who were forced to work.

first was aphrodite then divorce then his sister and him were forced to get married and got 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 children or 16 i am not sure.

A spouse can contest the dissolution of the marriage if they so choose. Such contestation would relate to the terms of the divorce not the granting of it. Even so, the spouse not wishing the divorce would not be able to keep it from though they might be able to delay the process for quite a while.

Jewish law forbids a husband to seek a divorce for no reason. Anyone who did that would become an outcast and forced to make restitution.

The person cannot be forced to return to the United States. Such an issue is a civil matter and the U.S. government does not have legal jurisdiction to have a person extradited under the cited circumstances.

The twelve Native American nations were forced to sign the Treaty of Greenville.

Hutchinson was banished from or forced to leave the colony she started the settlement of Portsmouth

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