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If you paid all the fees to get your car back and have continued to pay your payments on time will your credit report still have the repo on it?


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2015-07-16 19:18:21
2015-07-16 19:18:21

It will remain on your CR for 7 yrs. Unless you can get the LENDER to remove it.


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Yes, your payment history will still be a part of your credit report as well as the Chapter 7.

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By now, if you have handled your credit and bills well...the BK while still on your report, should make no difference. If you continued having late payments and such...the BK isn't your problem...your just a bad credit risk

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Yes. If they extend the line of credit to you, and you do not activate it, it will still show up on your credit report.

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The auto lender would show that the loan has been reafirmed or just simply show that payments are still being made thus you still have an active open account showing on your credit report.

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The foreclosure will be on your credit report indefinitely.

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