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There are two things you should do. First, dispute the information with the credit reporting agency (you may have to dispute it with all three -- Experiean, TransUnion and Equifax -- if it appears on all three reports). This compells them legally to conduct an investigation and prove the information they show is correct.

However, it's been said that those investigations are mostly for show, so you need to contact the institution through which you had the credit card and ask for a letter stating the account is paid off and closed. You can then submit a copy of that letter to the credit agencies. After that, they must legally amend the information, pursuant to the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Be sure to keep the orignal letter from the credit card company, as the bad information may show up again and you may have to resubmit the proof of payment to the credit agencies.

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Q: If you paid off a credit card 4 years ago and it is still on your credit report they need proof that you paid it but you closed that checking account when you moved can you still obtain its history?
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What is the use of checking my credit history?

Checking your credit history allows you to make credit reports and check credit scores which are crucial for getting loans. It is also important to check that your account is not being used wrongfully.

How can you have your former husband's name removed from a line of credit that is linked to your personal checking account so he is not responsible for liablilty or credit reference?

A joint account holder cannot be removed from the account, the account will have to be closed.

What is the difference between a checking account and credit card account?

checking from bank fund & credit card prepaid by credit

Where can one get a bad credit checking account?

You can get a bad credit checking account online at online Credit Agency companies such as Experian. You can also visit your local bank and they can look at getting a credit checking account for you.

Where can I Open A Checking Account without a credit check?

You can open a checking account with The do no check your credit.

What is a checking account at a credit union?

what is a chekcing account at a credit union

Can you reopen a credit card that you closed?

Yes, you can request your issuing credit card company or bank to reopen your credit card that you closed. I did that with one of my credit cards. However, make sure that you had a good record on that particular closed account and that you check if all the balances have been paid before you closed the account in order not to ruin your credit history.

How does a credit card account differ from a checking account?

A credit card account comes with a credit card, which can be used to authorize purchases of any value. The checking account does not come with a credit card and is used for issuing checks.

Can you obtain a credit card if you're checking account is negative?

Your credit history is what is important. If you are overdrawn or have been over drawn many times and the bank is charging you penalties it will hurt your chances of getting a credit card. If you have a credit line that protects your checking account like I do you just start drawing on that and it won't hurt your credit report.

Checking account with a bank that you also have credit card with Can they garnish your checking account without you knowing?


How do you get a checking account with bad credit?

Credit scores have nothing to do with checking accounts. Unless you've had major overdraft issues with a previous checking account you will have no problems opening a new one.

Why does credit information remain on your credit report even though the account has been closed for years?

It's all part of your credit history..the good the bad and the ugly. I longer history is generally good.

What is a checking account at a credit union called?

Share draft account

If you close a checking account wll it hurt your credit score?

Checking accounts are not normally reflected on a credit report.

Does having a checking account improve your credit score?

No, a checking account is not correlated to your credit score. The only reason why you have to give your social security # is to prove that you have no outstanding debt with any other banks. ______________________________________ Actually, there is a correlation. Having a checking account doesn't improve your credit score, but you can be accepted or denied an account based on it. If you have bad credit, or no credit, you may be denied from a variety of bank checking accounts. I was told by my lawyer it does improve your credit if you keep your checking account in good standings he said the bank report it monthly to the crdit bureaus thats just what i was told

Is it possible to establish credit with debit cards with the MasterCard or Visa logo if you choose the credit option when you make purchases with them?

No your debit card is linked to a checking or savings account which is not on your credit history.

Reasons to Check Your Credit History Report?

Since banks rely so heavily on a borrower�s credit score, it is important that you check your credit history report on at least a semi-annual basis. � When checking your credit history report there are several thing that you should look out for.� One of the most important is to ensure that all of the accounts opened are legitimate.� While it is possible that an account could have been added to your report erroneously, there is a chance that the account could be a sign that someone stole your identity.� Because of this you should call the creditor immediately to have the account closed.�

Should interst earned on a checking account be added to the checking account balance?

There is a way to earn interest on a checking accounts and can be added to the account. You will have to back through a credit union.

Can a person open a checking account if their account was closed at a different bank?

Yes. However, if your account was closed due to a negative balance that you failed to repay, you might have some difficulty. Banks report these "charge-offs" to credit reporting agencies other than those used to verify credit for a loan. If a bank, during their account opening process, sees that you have caused another bank a loss on a checking account, they most likely will not open a new checking account for you. The best remedy is to pay the bank that is reporting the loss and start the process over. Good luck!

How can you make the credit card company reopen an account and remove 'closed by credit grantor' from your credit report?

You can't MAKE a credit card company reopen an account. You can call the credit bureau and request that they change the status to indicate that is was closed by you and not the credit grantor. Or, you can simply put a notation in your credit report stating that the account was closed by you and not the card company.

Credit card closed by issuer affect credit score?

Yes. Creditors report to the credit reporting agencies the terms under which an account is closed. It looks bad and is a slightly more derogatory status when an account is closed by the lender vs. closed by the customer.

Does fifth third bank check your credit before opening an account?

If you are opening a savings or checking account, the bank doesn't care about your credit because you won't be able to do anything unless you put money into the account. If you're applying for a credit account, of course they are going to look at your credit history to see if you will be likely to pay them back for what they loan you.

Does poor credit affect getting a checking account?

Not usually. Unless it includes NSF charges. It may affect the terms and charges though, for period of time. Actually, I was turned down for a checking account at Bank of America because my credit was poor, so that is not true. It can effect you getting a checking account. It just depends where. I have to go to a credit union to get an account.

Can 30-60 days late payment history be disputed or removed from your credit report after the account has been closed?


Can an credit account be closed due to inactivity?