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What you need to do is obtain a copy of your credit report. These are agencies that keep track of people's debts and credit ratings etc., and whenever you apply for a loan or credit card or mortgage etc., the bank obtains these reports from these agencies. There are 3 major credit reporting agencies in the USA, and you can get a copy of your credit report from them for free, or for a minimal fee. Study it to see if there are any errors, or debts which have been paid off etc. Then you have to write to the credit reporting agency and ask them to make the specific corrections, or remove erroneous information. Then it is up to them to prove that the information is wrong, or remove it.

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When buying a house can you get a larger house loan so you can pay off some of your credit cards and car

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Q: If you paid off all of your collection accounts after being turned down for a mortgage how should you try to improve your credit?
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How do collection accounts affect your credit score?

== == Collection account are 20% of the total credit score module.

Can mortgage holders report side notes tax accounts and insurance accounts to credit bureaus?


Who do i have to contact if i have to accounts in collection i was not aware of?

If you have accounts in collection that you were not aware of, you need to contact the collection company. You can also contact the credit bureaus for more information.

Do you have to pay collection accounts dropped off credit reports?

no you do not

Can a bank close your credit card if you a behind in your mortgage but up to date on your credit card?

No, they are completely different accounts.

What are the types of credits?

Charge accounts, credit card, consumer loans, mortgage loans, and installment sales credit.

Does updating collection accounts to a bankruptcy lower your credit score?

The fact of filing bankruptcy is already going to lower your credit score, and the point of bankruptcy, part of it anyway, is to resolve unpayable debt such as collection accounts. It is in your best interest to add the collection accounts to your bankruptcy, but if you consult your BK attorney, he is likely to advise you of this. The bankruptcy is the first next step in repairing your credit and improving your credit score.

Where do you pay collection accounts that are reported on your credit report when the company is out of business or no longer handles the account that was reported for collection?

You pay the collection agency.

How do you improve a credit score of 700 with many open accounts and a short credit history?

700 is almost perfect. It would be nearly futile to try to improve it.

What information is contained on a CIC credit report?

The information that is contained in a CIC credit report is about mortgage credit reports, along with specific information about how to improve your credit score.

What process is needed for one to apply to new mortgage accounts?

There is a very specific process that one must perform in order to apply to new mortgage accounts. For example, one must check ones credit, and then one must go to a bank and apply for a mortgage.

What is Accounts receivable collection period ratio formula?

Average Colection period: Accounts Receivables divided by Average daily credit sales

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