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Your recent good payment history will definitely help, but if your credit score is low that may be a problem. Lenders don't generally care why the credit is bad, only that it is. That said, almost anyone can get a mortgage these days. Just be careful and fully understand the terms before you sign a contract.

2015-07-16 18:17:16
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What can be found on the Mortgage Professor website?

On the Mortgage Professor's website you can find a guide to borrowing, with helpful information on mortgage predators, tutorial on how to choose an appropriate mortgage and frequently asked questions.There are special 'tools' such as calculators and spreadsheets for you to formulate a mortgage plan based on your own personal circumstances.

Why is it important to have insurance on a mortgage?

Insurance for one's mortgage is useful as it covers the cost of the mortgage in cases where one loses their job or becomes disabled. It may not necessarily be important, so whether one needs mortgage insurance depends on one's circumstances.

What is the best type of mortgage for someone in the UK?

The best type of mortgage will depend on the circumstances of the individual. Some will do better with a fixed rate while an adjustable rate will be better for others. A discussion with a mortgage broker or other mortgage professional will determine one's options.

How many payments have to be missed before foreclosure by the mortgage company.?

This will vary by mortgage company, state, and circumstances. You will be notified by mail before any foreclosure action can be taken.

How can one get a mortgage with adverse credit?

The best method of obtaining a mortgage if you are trying to do so under less than ideal circumstances, is to use a mortgage broker. The broker will work with you, and help you to find the best lender for your circumstance. When your mortgage comes up for renewal, then you can repeat this process until you find a mortgage that you are comfortable with.

What are the best mortgage rates online?

The best mortgage rate for you depends on your circumstances. For example if you would prefer a fixed rate mortgage where the sum you owe each month is always the same, the best rate is currently 2.64% in the UK. However, in contrast, if you have a small deposit then the best mortgage rate in the UK is currently 3.79%.

What is a lending tree mortgage used for?

Lending Tree is a mortgage referral service which compares the best rates depending on a number of factors such as remaining term on the mortgage, remaining balance, equity in the property. They will also look at your personal circumstances financially. Lending Tree are not available once the mortgage is in place, they just find the cheapest deal for you.

Where can I learn about reverse mortgage aarp?

A reverse mortgage is a loan that can be made under certain circumstances to senior citizens depending on the equity they have in their home. the AARP is an organization that advocates for american citizens 50 years and older.

What are the cheapest mortgage rates?

The actual mortgage rates an individual received is dependent on the individual's circumstances. Money Supermarket and similar websites offer a comparison of mortgage rates, with some providers offering a combine APR of 3.8% taking into account the special offer APR and the normal APR.

Going through a bank instead of a mortgage broker is the best way to get a mortgage.?

Uhm, I don't think so, For me I prefer talking to a mortgage broker than going to the bank directly . A mortgage broker can help you navigate through every stage of finding and applying for a mortgage – to get the best deal available based on your individual circumstances and needs. They have access to number of banks to get you the best deals. You might wanna check out Key Strategy Solutions.

Distinguish between senior mortgage and junior mortgage?

The only difference between a senior and a junior mortgages is the timing of when they are recorded. In rare circumstances, in the cases when a mortgage that was intended to be a second or junior mortgage is recorded first at the county recorders office, the mortgagee that was supposed to be recorded first has to get written permission from the other mortgage company to subordinate their position. Often times, this happen only when a monetary consideration is extended in return.

Does a homeowner have to have insurance?

Depending on the home loan, you may be required to have insurance. If you buy your house out right, there is nothing requiring you to have insurance. Unlike driving a car, you can legally own a home without homeowners insurance. However, if you finance your home with a mortgage, your lender most likely will require you to have home insurance coverage to protect your home and the lenders investment in case of damage caused by unforeseen circumstances, such as fires or natural disasters.

Where can I get a 15 year mortgage rate?

A 15 year mortgage rate can be obtained from any reputable lender or even via a broker acting as a middleman. There are many varieties so they can help you select the best one for your circumstances.

What is a mortgage broker?

A mortgage broker is a person who interediates in the process of mortgage loans for individuals or businesses. Basically, mortgage brokers sell mortgage products, however, in their work they also might be performing tasks such as marketing to attract clients, assessing the borrowers circumstances (credit history, affordability, etc.), assessing the market to find a mortgage product that fits the client's needs, explaining the legal processes involved, etc. Mortgage brokers can work independently or in companies which offer mortgage advice. The companies are very prevalent in most parts of the world, from Canada to Israel. The links included provide more information on mortgage brokers in the world, as well as mortgage advice.

If a payoff on a mortgage is not provided by a lender can the seller's dismiss the mortgage?

If there is a lien on the title to the property, it would have to be satisfied for the seller to give "good and marketable title" to the buyer. I have never heard of a situation where a payoff could not be obtained and anyone was okay with it so I don't think the sellers can "dismiss the mortgage" under an circumstances.

How difficult is it to get a flexible mortgage?

The difficulty of getting a flexible mortgage depends on your own personal circumstances. A degree of extra security is required to meet terms and conditions so that you can prove you can make the flexibility of payments. Not difficult if you fit the criteria.

Are FHA mortgage rates better than other companies?

The right type of mortgage rate depends on many factors based on the individuals circumstances so it is difficult to say if their rates are better overall. You can compare pricing on

Is it better to have life insurance coverage or decreasing mortgage coverage?

This depends upon your individual circumstances. Different people have different insurance needs.

Can a lender foreclose on a second mortgage if your first mortgage is up to date?

Whether they can depends on the terms of the note. Whether they will depends on a variety of circumstances. It is likely that the lender will first put a lien on the property, making it impossible to sell until the lien is clear.

Where can a second mortgage be obtained?

There are a number of financial businesses that may offer second mortgages, depending on an individual's circumstances. Natwest and Chelsea Building Society are two that offer second mortgages. The Money website can give comparisons on second mortgage rates.

Under what circumstances are secondary market transactions needed?

Secondary market transactions may be needed to correct interregional imbalances in the supply of and demand for mortgage credit, or to move mortgage assets from one type of institution to another within the same market area

Does the person need to be on the deed in order to refinance the mortgage on the property?

The answer depends on the circumstances.The bank won't give a mortgage to someone who doesn't own the property. Therefore you can borrow money on a house if you're not on the deed.On the other hand. A person who is not on the deed should not sign the mortgage as a co-borrower with the owner. They have no interest in the property and shouldn't promise to pay for it. A co-borrower has the full responsibility to pay the mortgage if the owner defaults on the payments.

How long after a bankruptcy discharge can I refinance and consolidate my 1st & 2nd mortgage?

You might have to wait 7-10 years unless your financial circumstances have changed greatly and you can prove it. You can probably do it earlier but the rates will be high I have brokered real estate for more than 10 years and have been a Mortgage Loan Officer for 17 more for a total of 27 years in the business. I have never heard of a situation where a borrower needed to wait 7 to 10 years to obtain a mortgage following a Bankruptcy if they have reestablished themselves. Generally, you will have to wait 2 or 3 years following the bankruptcy if you have reestablished credit, and it will be dependant on the circumstances leading to the bankruptcy to determine if the circumstances were beyond your control. You will usually be asked to write a letter/statement explaining the circumstances and may need to provide additional documentation to support your explanation. I suggest finding a reputable lender who is experienced in all mortgage products who knows how to properly package an application with former cred

What is a mortgage loan originator?

Mortgage loan originator is an institution or individual that works with borrower to complete a mortgage transaction.A mortgage originator can be a mortgage broker or mortgage banker & is the original mortgage lender.

Do you still have to pay monthly mortgage if you have a reverse mortgage?

No, the purpose of a reverse mortgage mortgage is to eliminate mortgage payments permanently.