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== == I suggest that before you use this method on a Cockroach you check it out on yourself! By the way, Cockroaches pass gas every 15 minutes and the human anatomy isn't far behind (depending on what the person eats.) I'm guessing whoever posted this question is very creative and possibly a pyro. The answer is probably no, possibly yes, but I won't advise you to try it.

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Where do cockroachs live?

in ur homes, small cracks and holes on the walls to find food and for a place to live

How do you burn incense?

Light the tip of the insense with a lighter or match, place it on a holder in a safe place, and allow it to burn.

Cigarette lighter socket pushed through dash 1998 ford explorer?

You can cut a washer with the OD of the bezel and the ID of the lighter. Install the washer on the lighter, place the lighter into the bezel hole, place another washer on the back side of the bezel and then screw on the lighter retainer sleeve. It is all easy to do. The bezel comes off with a couple of screws at the bottom. If you need help sizing the washer, I can make you one.

How can one refill a Butane lighter?

There are a number of different steps to take when refilling a Butane lighter. First, shake the Butane gas can, then hold the lighter and the gas bottle upside down. After this, one should place the stem of the refill can into the bottom of the lighter and allow approximately 10 seconds for it to fill up with gas.

What is a lamp on a microscope?

A steady light source used in place of a mirror. it is used to reflect light from an external light source up through the bottom of the stage

What did Edison's invention do?

Well Thomas Edison invented one main thing that changed mankind. He invented the light bulb. The light bulb (obviously) lights up the room if it is dark or makes a light place lighter.

How to replace a cigarette lighter in a Saturn L-Series?

I just removed my cigarette lighter from my 1994 Saturn SW1. 1. I took off the panel on the driver's side. (the other side is where the fuse box is.) 2. in the hole where the panel was I disconnected the back of the cigarette lighter (just pull it off. 3. My Saturn has a light connected to the lighter so you can see the lighter in the dark. There is a flap you push down and then you can pull the light off. 3. I got something to put inside the cigarette lighter to get it to twist (it's a screw on.) 4. After you screw it off collect the pieces. My car had four: - Cigarette Lighter - The piece on the back that I screwed off - The piece that held the light in place - The plastic piece (mine is orange) that the light illuminates through. Then put it back together in reverse.

What is the thing that plants do this towards the light?

Plants have things in them called auxins. The lighter the place, the more auxins a plant will have. Auxins make the plant's cells stretch towards the light, making the plant bend and get taller.

How do you fix the cigarette lighter in a Lincoln Town Car?

If the lighter worked in the first place, check the fuses in your fuse panel. In some model vehicles, the lighter was never connected in the first place. In this case, it might be wise to have a mechanic check the wiring to see if everything is in place.

Is light an adjective or a pronoun?

The word light is a noun (light, lights), a verb (light, lights, lighting, lighted), and an adjective (light, lighter, lightest).Examples:The check-engine light is on again. (noun)We're going to light a campfire to roast marshmallows. (verb)I prefer the light green drapes. (adjective)A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun in a sentence.Example: The check-engine light is on again. It should be checked at the service station. (the pronoun 'it' takes the place of the noun 'light' in the second sentence)

How do you light charcoal?

One good way is to tightly crumple up a few pages of newspaper and place it in the bottom of your grill. If you have lighter fluid, soak it. Pile your coals over the newspaper and then light it. My personal favorite though is to jsut douse the heck out of the coals with lighter fluid, stand back and let 'er rip. I make a point to let all the lighter fluid burn off before cooking. Get an empty 3lb alluminum coffee can. Drill several half inch holes in bottom and sides. Fill with charcoal bricks and place on lit high heat outdoor fish fryer. Once the charcoal bricks in the can become mostly gray remove from fryer and pour bricks into your pit. I use a pair of offset pliers or channel locks to handle hot can. Two 3lb cans of bricks is plenty for most cooks but if your cooking a large cut of meat you may need three. This only takes a few minutes and completely eliminates the need and taste of lighter fluid. This really is much faster than simply pouring lighter on the bricks in your grill and waiting for them to burn off the lighter fluid and turn gray.JN

What can be place inside a box to make it lighter?

helium (?)

When you paint will the color turn out lighter than the swatch?

No. If you bought good quality paint from a reputable dealer, you can place the colour swatch on the wall and see that they are the same. However, because of the effect of colour and light and the way your brain interprets what you "see," it can seem to be lighter.

How do you replace cigarette lighter on 1998 ford ranger xlt?

what holds the the cigarette lighter in place once it is installed

Can you make a mini flamethrower with a fart?

YES! you place a lighter next to your rear and light it as you fart. However occasionally the flame can be kicked back into your rear causing burns. DO NOT DO THIS IN JEANS!!!!!

Why do dark colors attract more light and heat than light colors?

They do not attract light, they absorb it, that is why they are darker. Light colors reflect more light (to your eyes), that is why they are light. it has to do with the light energy that doesn't stop, lighter colors tend to reflect when there isn't a place for the light to bounce off of it has to stop and the energy remains as heat because dark traps the light and doesn`t let go

How do you remove the cigarette lighter from a 2000 Ford Expedition?

place your fingers gently arount the lighter and pull it out with all your might

Where can one purchase a Colibri Lighter?

The best place to purchase a Colibri Light would be on sites such as Amazon or eBay. Also check out the Colibri site, as they may have deals on lights for sale.

IF you swim to the bottom of a pool and place a cork on the bottom will the cork stay in place?

No it wil float to the top of the water.

What part in the mouse if messed up will stop the circuit from working?

if the track(the light) on the bottom of the mouse has something stuck to it, it wont move to the correct place.

Are there ducks in the bottom?

Are you talking about the bottom of a place or a book or movie called the bottom? I don't know if ducks can be in the bottom of anything.

Is the top or bottom the hottest place in a oven?

The bottom on most ovens.

What if your pregnant guppy is laying on the gravel on the bottom of the tank what is she doing?

If she suddenly dashes from the bottom to another place, and then drops back to the bottom of the tank, and continues to dash from place to place, in all probability she is giving birth.

Is bikini bottom a real place?

No, but Bikini Bottom is based on Bikini Atoll which is located near the Marshall Islands in the Pacific ocean

How do I replace the cigarette lighter in a Renault Clio Grande?

The cigarette lighter is held in place with a retaining ring at the top of it. Remove the retaining ring by turning it to the left. The cigarette lighter will come out. Reverse the process to install the new cigarette lighter.