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If your son has a valid drivers license , he can legally drive your vehicle. But- he will not be covered by your auto insurance policy for any damage incurred while your son was operating the automobile. Therefore You would be liable (out of pocket) for any damages.

In some states, he cannot legally drive any vehiclewithout car insurance.

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Is it legal if im over twenty and there is a legal driver with can drive?

Not without a learner's permit.

Is it legal to drive a vehicle with a driver side door that cant open?

Yes, it is dangerous but legal.

Is it legal in the United States to drive around with a damaged car?

It is currently not legal for a driver to drive around in a damaged car. If caught by a police officer, the driver can face stiff penalties including a fine or confiscation of their vehicle.

In NC is it legal for my child to drive uninsured when he has his license if I am in the car with him and have insurance on the car?

Insurance is issued on the vehicle, not the driver. If your child, properly licensed, is driving with you in the front passenger seat, the vehicle and its passengers are covered.

Can a person with a learner's permit drive if the licensed driver is drunk?

Yes, this may be legal.

Is it legal to drive in states with quebec learner's license?

only if you have a licensed driver in the car with you

What does the Legal Liability cover for a paid driver?

Legal liability covers the legal compensation that might have to be paid if a third party files any case against the driver for damage, loss, or fire. The driver is covered for a sum equal to his salary for the policy period. It also covers accidents and occupational diseases.

Can you drive a car if you don't have insurance but the car does you have a License?

All drivers are required by law to carry proof of Financial Responsibility. So if you are an insured driver under the terms of the Auto Insurance Contract then you are covered to drive it. If you are not an insured under the terms of that policy then you are not covered. Remember, Vehicles do not drive themselves and vehicles do not carry insurance, People do. Auto Insurance Is to cover the losses and legal liabilities of the Insured.

If you have a permit can you drive with an adult and a child?

not sure what state you live in but in most states it is legal for someone with a permit to drive with a license driver.

Is it legal for a learners permit driver to drive with a drunk passanger?

No. The supervising driver must be in a condition where they themselves could legally operate the vehicle.

Can an 18 year old with a Minnesota permit drive from Texas to Minnesota with a legal driver?

Yes as long as the driver is over the age of 18.

Is it legal to drive on Ohio with a Michigan learners permit?

No, you need a driver license. Learners permit doesn't make you a full licensed driver.

In Georgia is it legal to drive alone in a car with a learner's permit?

NO! A licensed driver must accompany you.

Can a Massachusetts learners permit holder drive in CT and NJ?

As long as a legal driver is in the car with him.

Can a learners permit driver be a designated driver in Georgia?

No. A driver on a learner's permit must be supervised by a licenced driver of legal age, and they're required to be in a condition where they could legally drive themselves. If you're too drunk to legally drive the vehicle yourself, you're too drunk to be a supervising driver.

Can you drive with a foreign driver's license in the US if you have a suspended Florida drivers license?

It is not legal to drive with a foreign driver\'s license in the US if you have a suspended Florida driver\'s license. You will need to resolve the suspension in order to drive legally.

If someone with a learner's permit drives a car that is insured but the licensed driver in the car is not listed on the policy are they covered?

If everyone was legal, yes, a collision should be covered by the insurance company.

Can you have a car in your name without a driver's license and have someone with license be the driver?

Yes, it is perfectly legal to own a vehicle if you have no license to drive it and have a licensed driver chauffeur you around.

What vehicles are legal to drive in CA without a drivers license?

none. off road vehicles used for off road purposes only do not require a license. an unlisenced driver can drive off road but is not legal to drive on the city streets or public higways.

How many miles should an occasional driver drive?

An occasional driver should only drive as many occasional miles as he might occasionally want to drive. The term Occasional driver is not indicative of how many miles they might drive but rather how often they may drive, there is no specific legal definition for an occasional driver. Most Insurers develop there own guidelines to determine if some fits the definition of an occasional driver. Generally an occasional driver would drive your vehicle no more than a few times a year. If they drive regularly once a week or regularly once a month, or once every 6 weeks, then they are a regular driver. By the very definition of the term, an occasional driver would not know how often they are going to drive. Any type of planned or scheduled use would define them as a regular driver.

How fast can a 27 year old learner driver drive?

Up to the legal speed limit of whatever road they're on.

Is it illegal to drive in Georgia without your license on you?

You should never drive without a liscense in any state, regardless of where you got your liscence, unless you have a permit and have a legal driver with you.

Is it legal to for high school student with there learners permit to drive to and from school in Florida?

No the purpose of a learner's permit is giving you legal standing to drive a car with a licensed driver until you obtain your license after passing the driving exam at 16.

Is a non covered driver on your insurance covered if he is involved in an accident?

You need to read your contract, in most states any legal driver over 25 is covered on any policy and on some policies cover everyone with A valid license. Also if the person is using your insurance to cover damages they caused, You can sue them for costs. The policy is yours not theirs.

Is it legal to have a 16 year old driver drive friends to school in Arkansas?

If he has a driving permit it is "okay" P.S. AVOID cops