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get a program to do it its the only safe way. i think one is called pcnuke you can find them online.

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Q: If you plan on selling a laptop how can you make sure all personal data files and internet passwords are deleted without having to reformat?
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How can you recover deleted password from Mozilla Firefox?

There is no option to recover deleted passwords once removed from Mozilla Firefox. You have to keep backup of your all passwords in case your passwords get deleted. It is also recommended to protect your passwords with a master password. You can even use Firefox Sync to get your browsing history, passwords on any device.

How do you reset password for forgotten myspace password?

Internet Explorer Password Recovery 5.0 is a comprehensive solution for recovering all Internet Explorer saved passwords that include FTP password, email password, hotmail password, forum password, google password, yahoo password, AutoComplete passwords, etc. This program can automatically get the list of all passwords saved in Internet Explore even if you have deleted all IE history files. This program can also remove Content Advisor passwords and work with Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8.

Will reformatting your hard drive delete your OS and main programs?

Yep. If you reformat you hard dive, every thing is deleted.

How do you Delete Browsing History with Password in Google Chrome?

History if deleted deletes the passwords as well. The browsing data deleting will remove passwords too.

Will usb flash drives store data permanently?

No, it won't. Once you reformat your USB Flash Drive, everything will be deleted or removed.

How do you recover safari cookies in Windows I deleted them accidentally but all the passwords stored were also gone and i lost the most important one which contains all other passwords and i need it?

I think you can , log on to wikihow and select Recover Deleted History in Windows

Can you check internet browser history if it is deleted?

Once it is deleted you cant access it.

Can you read deleted text messages on the internet?


Does deleted history appear on internet bill?


How do you pay for things on the internet?

this was a deleted awnswer

How frequently should the history in the web browser be deleted?

For the faster internet experience, history must be deleted. You can delete it about in a week if you are a regular user of internet.

How does the FBI is able to recover evidence from computer hard drive Evan after the user has deleted files?

Deleted files are usually still there. Only way to be absolutely sure files are totally gone is to reformat the drive. Deleted files are invisible unless you know the special ways to find them, which the FBI does.

How do you delete your account on imesh?

imesh account never can changed or deleted your name or personal id or ......

How can you search your internet history after you've deleted it?

You can't.

Where does deleted blogs and photos in the internet go?

Most websites will store your data even though you have deleted your information or account.

How do you delete old yahoo email accounts that you dont know the passwords or anything?

Old accounts whose passwords you have forgotten cannot be deleted. First you should recover the password and only then it is possible to delete the account.

Is it wise to reformat your computer?

No.Yes, if you know what you're doing. You just need to remember that everything on your hard drive will be deleted, so you need to back important files up.

Can anyone see what you type on an internet website?

Yes, anyone who uses the Internet can see what you type unless it is deleted, but someone may have already copied and pasted it somewhere else before you deleted it.

Can you get back vines you deleted on accident?

I believe so. I have no personal experience with Vine but if you properly save the Vine I think you can get it back if you deleted it.

Is it possible for someone to know your Internet search history if you deleted it?

no it is not possible

How can you find out your wife deleted history on internet?

"Ctrl+H", if there's nothing on the history, then your wife has deleted the history on your internet. However, you can specifically remove parts of the History, so this isn't 100% accurate.

You forgot the password of micro sd memory card which works only in nokia 7210how to remove password?

the answer to your problem is if the password is not recoverable then you have to reformat your SD but the consequence to that is all the memory stored in the SD will be deleted.

Can someone sign into my Poptropica profile and get me the Steamworks Mech Pilot outfit?

Personal activity requests are not allowed on WikiAnswers. Do not ask for or give out any personal identification, usernames, or passwords. These will be deleted and you may be restricted from WikiAnswers. In any event, only paid monthly Poptropica members can receive the Mech Pilot. Your unpaid account would be unable to access it no matter who used it.

How do you get Wii plus internet back on your Wii?

Once it's deleted it can't be added

Internet Download Manager deleted file recover?

give me back and restore my idm