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the chances are low, as sperm stays alive inside a woman for 3-5 days, but as soon as they hit any form of air, they will die. so the chances are very low...

again with the air line...not true...people can get pregnant through on top of clothes activity...its not likely but not impossible...the semen has a lot of air contact that way and it still lives...and think about in vitro...he has to leave his specimen in a cup...that is exposed to air...does it make sense that air does not kill semen...it can only kill it if it is completely dried up

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What if your boyfriend ejaculated and might have rubbed it by accident and then fingered you what are the chances of you being pregnant?

http://www.coolnurse.com/birthcontrol.htm http://www.crisispregnancy.com/birth-mother/pregnancy-questions.html http://www.epigee.org/guide/medfaq.html 50%

What are the chances of getting pregnant?

Every month, if you do everything right, you chances of getting pregnant are about 20%.

Is it possible to get someone pregnant if you ejaculated on tissue and your hand may have come in contact with semen and then you fingered your partner?

Itis highly unlikely as the semen would dry very rapidly on the tissue and again on your hand. But don't take chances.

What are the chances of geting pregnant?

the chances of getting pregnant is if you actually have unprotected sex and the sperm does reach the egg. if you have not had sex, you wont be pregnant

What are the chances of a virgin getting pregnant from if you got a little bit of pre-ejaculate on your finger and wiped it clean with a rag and then fingered her?

Your chances of getting a Virgin Pregnant this way are pretty low. Best bet would be for your girl friend to use some form of birth control if you plan on having sex again. And you should wear a condom to prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

What are the Chances of getting pregnant while having your period?

ANSWERChances of getting pregnant during period are almost zero.

What is the chances of being pregnant when partner does not pull up on fertile days?

Your chances of getting pregnant are up to 100%. Wrap that rascal!

How can you boost your chances of getting pregnant?

go to your ob/gym and ask for pills to boost your chances of being pregnant. Look it up.

Does alcohol decrease your chances to get pregnant?

In no way but it does increase the chances the baby will have problems.

Are the chances to get pregnant higher when you just got off the pill?

no. the chances of you getting pregnant are the same as if you hadn't taken birth control in months.

What are the chances of getting pregnant at 36 years old?

The chances of getting pregnant at 36 are the same as any other age before menopause.

What are chances of becoming pregnant at age 49?

There are women who have gotten pregnant in their 40's. My mother had me when she was 41. Your chances just decrease as you age

Could you still get her pregnant if you had dry pre-ejaculate on your hands and then fingered her you but you urinated a few minutes before you fingered?

Yes, sperm can survive in air for quite a while, if you urinated before fingering her didn't you wash your hands then? Not only could you get her pregnant but you could transmit infections from not washing you hands, and she wouldn't thank you for that. In future play safe, wash you hands, keep it clean! Meanwhile, although the chances are very small of conception, she could still get a coil fitted into her uterus to prevent conception.

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