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A mole is simply a pigmented benign growth in the skin; so knocking the top off it is no different to scraping your knee or hand. It will heal up and should return to its previous appearance. The only time to worry is if a mole darkens in its colour, becomes irregularly shaped, itches continuously or bleeds when a crusty scab is removed and then won't heal up. Don't take risk, take help from experts and doctors in removing it completely and safely. You can visit Skin Care clinics like Reva Aesthetics as they use modern techniques like radiofrequency waves that produces steam and vaporizes the tissue fluid resulting in cutting and coagulation of the targeted skin lesion, without destroying the surrounding tissue.

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Q: If you pull off a hanging mole will you really bleed to death?
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If you cut a mole will you bleed?

puss will come out you want bleed

What can happen if you cut a mole off?

you'll bleed

Are human moles connected to the veins?

i really do think so because if you pull them off you can died because you mole that you pulled off will bleed.

Wwhat happens if a mole chages shape or colors has begun to bleed?

It's probably not a normal mole- you should get it checked out by your doctor

What happens when you peel off a mole?

If you peel off a mole it will bleed throughly and will not stop. Try to ask a doctor or medical advice.

Can you get a tattoo over a mole?

Not really, it wont take the ink and will bleed profusely, but I usually try to include it into the design so it will look like it is supposed to be there....Hope this helps

What will happen if you pick the mole bumps off your neck?

You'll bleed... alot...

What happens if you cut off a small mole?

it will bleed and it could beome malignant

What happens when you pull a mole off?

It will bleed a lot but nothing really will happen some people say that it causes cancer but this is a myth. And if you don't pull it all out it will grow back.

If you accidentally make a mole bleed what could happen?

It happens, even with other skin areas. However, the problem is if the mole's location means that you will consistently irritate it or if the mole never heals up.

You scratched your mole off will it be ok?

it will bleed a lot and probably come back after a while

What should you do if you find a suspicious mole on your body?

Take notice to see if the mole changes over time or is irritated by anything put on the body. The mole should not bleed, ooze, itch, or cause pain. If it continues to be a concern or the mole has changed in appearance, seek advice from a dermatologist.

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Does a mole bleed when scratch off?

most do, but they shouldn't be being scatched off, if you are concerned book an appointment with your GP

How were people accused of witchcraft in the Salem Witch Trials?

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What does it mean when your mole scabs?

If it got bumped or rubbed, a mole may bleed. However, if you notice that it doesn't heal, or frequently has a scab on it, get to a dermatologist without delay. It may or may not be a skin cancer, but prevention is the best.

What happens if you pick a mole?

A mole has its own blood supply so if pick one off you could bleed too much. It is best to have a doctor remove the moles so they can cauterize the spot if it will not stop bleeding. You are also at high risk of an infection if you try to pick a mole off by yourself.

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Yes it does. Not as much as. But in really depends on where its at.

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