Best Answer put "private dealer". Is he a dealer or a Private Party? For the future it would help to know what state you are in. Not all states offer temp tags. The dealer made a sale. Ask him to drive it home for you with his dealer plates on. Better yet, you should insure and register it.

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Q: If you purchase a car from a private dealer how will you get it home with out tags or even to get temp tags?
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Can you finance a home purchase with private loans?

Yes, you can finance a home purchase with a private loan. There are also a number of other ways that you could purchase a home using loans available to you.

Can a KY resident buy a gun in tn?

A resident of one state may buy a rifle or shotgun from a licensed dealer in another state IF his home state approves such a purchase (Kentucky will). You may not buy from a private citizen, dealer only, and you cannot buy a handgun in another state.

Can I purchase a gun in Kentucky if you are from Tennessee?

It depends. You can purchase a shotgun or rifle in any state, as long as that state's laws allow it. Handguns, you can only purchase within your home state. You can however purchase a handgun in another state and have the dealer or individual ship the gun to a dealer in your state and pick it up there.

What do you have to do to purchase a pistol in NY?

See a New York Firearms Dealer with a license to sell pistols. Federal law requires that you may only purchase a handgun from a dealer in your home state. They will have information on the FEDERAL as well as STATE requirements.

Where can one purchase car LED interior lights?

LED interior lights can be bought everywhere from the car dealer. One can purchase it from Canadian Tire, Amazon, eBay and any home store, such as Home Depot.

Can you cancel an agreement to purchase a new car?

If you have not signed a purchase agreement, yes. If you have signed, ask the dealer if you can back out. If the car has already been put in your name or you have driven it home, it is yours.

Can a felon hunt with firearm on private land in Texas?

You may NOT have a firearm or even ammo in your possession even in your own home.

Can you purchase a handgun for home defense in Texas even if you have a conviction for a drug charge?


Can a NM resident buy a rifle in Texas and transport it back to nm?

Yes- if the purchase is from a licensed Dealer. A private seller may only sell to a resident of his home state, or to a licensed Dealer/ Collector in any state. A handgun may only be purchased in your home state, but a rifle or shotgun may be purchased in another state. (Except California, which has a state law that prohibits its citizens from buying guns in another state)

Is a valid license required to purchase a car?

Yes, you must have a valid driver's license to purchase a vehicle....from a dealer. If you purchase from a private party (like a used vehicle), they don't require a valid driver's license. But you will be required to have one if you register the vehicle. *** I work in the home health industry, and we have several clients who own there own vehicles but no longer have a license. They keep the vehicles so that they can be driven to appointments and do errands.

Where can one purchase an aprilaire 2400?

One can purchase an Aprilaire 2400 from a home appliance shop that has an air-conditioning and humidifying department. One can also look up their local dealer in the Aprilaire website.

Can a Georgia resident buy a rifle in Kansas?

From a DEALER- yes. From a private sale- no. A private sale may only take place in your home state between residents of that state. This is addressed in FEDERAL law and applies to all states.


So long as you purchase from a licensed DEALER, you may buy rifles or shotguns. Handguns may only be acquired in your home state. Federal law.

Where can you find the best deal on a German Luger?

If I knew of a perfect answer, I would not be telling you- I would be BUYING it! You can check gun shows, local dealers, pawn shops, and on line auction sites, such as,, and An on line purchase WILL require that the gun be shipped to a dealer in your home state, where you will complete the same process you would have if buying from that dealer. You MAY find a private local seller that will offer you a good deal, but my crystal ball is not helping find that private seller that wants to sell me a mint P08 for $100- sorry.

What if someone stops paying in a contract to purchase a mobile home from a private seller?

If a contract was signed, then they need to be taken to court for the amount owed.

Where are the puzzle pieces on

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Can you ride a motorcycle home after purchase even if it has no tag?

Yes. It's the same as purchasing a car from an individual and driving it home without a tag. If you get pulled over, you'll just have to show the proof of purchase.

Can I buy a rifle out of state purchase it from a private friend then bring it back with me to Washington State?

No. Not to give you the short no, but no. Federal law (Title 18, Section 922) says that you may not acquire a firearm other than in the state where you reside- OTHER than from a licensed dealer. You may have a dealer in the home state of your friend transfer the rifle to you (many dealers do this for a fee), but you may not buy the rifle directly from your friend. Sorry.

How many people can be offered a cut in a single hand of poker?

In a casino only the dealer cuts the cards. In a private or home game the player to the dealers left cuts the cards.

In Poker does the dealer have to ask a player to cut the cards every hand?

In a casino setting, the player never cuts the cards, only the dealer is allowed to handle the cards.In a home or private game setting, the players decide beforehand how the cutting of the cards will be handled.

Can you get out of an extended warranty after bringing the car home?

AnswerYes, You can purchase an extended warranty from the dealer or from another source up until the time the factory warranty runs out and sometimes after that.

What is private security service?

If it has to do with your home They come over put devices in your home that alerts them to help you call for emergency services. Even when your not home like if robbers try to get in.. If it's about your computer or noble phone it helps protect you for people getting into these devices and getting information that is private ,

What percentage do I need for a down payment during a home mortgage?

The traditional downpayment that lenders require is 20 % of the purchase price of the home. It is possible to put down less, but you will then have to pay for Private Mortgage Insurance.

Where can one purchase indoor Christmas lights for decoration?

One could purchase indoor Christmas lights for decorations from a variety of stores such as Home Depot, Home Hardware, Canadian Tire, Giant Tiger and even small decorating stores like Home Sense.

Where can I find information on private home loans?

"Check out OCBC, they have some pretty good info on private home loans." "Google books as a book on buying a second home, which includes information on private home loans."