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You cannot be arreseted it is a civil matter they can seek monetary compensation via the civil courts. I'd like to have an attorney look at this question. Not paying and hiding the car from repossession is not a crime, but if you sold the car while there was an outstanding lein, most jurisdictions have something to say about "conversion of secured property". In other words, it is usually illegal to sell something you do not own.

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Q: If you purchased a car and did not give the bank the title then sold the car and did not pay it off so they came to repossess it but you have no car and no money can you be arrested for theft?
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If someone deposits money into your bank account without you asking and then threatens to have you arrested for not returning it Is that theft?

Yes, this is classed as theft. There has been times where money has wrongly been deposited into certain accounts, and the account holder has spent the money and then been arrested for theft.

Can you still get arrested for theft three months after i resigned?

Yes, provided that there is incriminating evidence, you can be arrested for theft, 3 months after you resign.

Can you be arrested in ga for hiding a car from the repo man?

Yes, you can be arrested for theft.

Can they arrest someone for a petti theft in Nevada?

Yes you can be arrested for petty theft in Nevada.

Can you keep the money order you found?

No... you cant keep it..Money orders are like personal checks,they have traceable numbers and require a (Pay to the order of)Name and a signature to cash the money order..The person who purchased that money order and lost it can easily have that money ordered canceled and be issued a new one..making the one you have completely void...If you cash the money order before that happens the person who purchased it can easily have it tracked down and the unauthorized person arrested for theft and/or check fraud...Also there is a chance that the money order was stolen in a burglary and its has already been canceled,but if you try to cash said money order it will alert the police and you could be arrested for possesion of stolen property and attempted bank fraud..turn it to where it came from or rip it up...

If you had a company tralier on your truck when they took it can they hold your companys trailer?

No. They can only repossess the power unit they were sent to repossess - they cannot take the trailer. At that point, it's theft. Especially if it's loaded.

What was Patrick Kane arrested for?

Criminal mischief and theft-of-services.

How can you get your teen Sims arrested for theft in The Sims?

you can't sorry :)

Can you be arrested shoplifting under fifty dollars worth of merchandise?

Yes, of course. You can be arrested for theft of any amount.

Can you sue someone who had you arrested for unjustly for felony theft in Texas?


What is money theft?

Money theft is when money is taken without permission. This happens a great deal in modern society in stores as well as in homes.

What happen if I take the fence from a property that is forclouse?

You could be arrested for trespassing and theft.

Can you get arrested for Grand Theft Auto for non payment on a car?

yes they will chase you

If a person gets arrested for theft but was not actually seen committing the offense can they still be charged?

Yes, if there is probable cause to believe a certain person has committed a theft. Many people are arrested without being witnessed committing a crime.

How can a person be arrested for theft after they have been fired?

Being fired is a civil or employment matter. Theft is a criminal matter. One does not affect the other.

What is the money cheat for Grand Theft Auto IV?

There is no cheat for extra money on Grand Theft Auto IV.

Can an officer arrest you if you do not pay for a service?

You can be arrested in certain jurisdictions for theft of services or theft. This is both a criminal and civil matter as a business can still sue you for the theft and win to recover the losses.

Can a person get arrested for using your debit card without your permission?

Certainly, it is called theft.

Can i be arrested if you don't return a car in repossesion?

Yes. You can be charged for auto theft, and you can be jailed.

Can a theft arrest stop you from getting a job in retail?

it might. but i know someone who still works in retail after getting arrested for cash theft from their previous job

What is the legal term for shoplifting?

all it is is "theft" and after they document theft they specify amount ..... my sister just got arrested for shoplifting and the papers only said "theft between $50-$500" mentioned nothing about shoplifiting

If you are 19 will you get arrested for taking money from your mom?

If she reports it as a theft, and you get found out you certainly will! It would be up to your mum to drop charges if she wanted to. Its just the same as stealing off a stranger, and your 19 so your not a child.

Where can you watch Pocahontas 2 free without downloading?

In jail after you are arrested for theft of intellectual property.

Can you get arrested for Grand Theft Auto?

yes you can, it is a crime to take something from someone else that does not belong to you.

In Oklahoma can you be arrested for hiding your automobile from a repo man?

Yes it is considered as grand theft auto

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