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If you dont have one, the court will appoint one for you. The title will prolly be the lesser of your worries.

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Q: If you purchased a car from the dealer with a cashiers check that turns out to be fake what can you do if you have the title - do you need a lawyer?
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How can you get a copy of a cashier's check?

You can get a copy of a cashiers check from the bank that it was purchased. You can also view the cashiers check online through your bank.

How do you see if a cashier check has been deposited by the person who it was sent to?

You would have to contact the bank that issued the cashiers check and see if they can determine the status of the check for you. This usually requires that you know the check number and that you are the person who purchased the check originally.

How do you issue a cashiers check?

A bank issues a cashiers check,on behalf of a depositor, by setting funds aside from the depositor's account.

Who is the remitter on a cashiers check?

the person who is making the check.

Does a cashiers check expire?


A written check that the bank certifies is called a?

cashiers check

What is a check written by a bank on its own funds?

cashiers check

Do you have to sign the bottom portion of a cashiers check before you give it to the payee?

Yes, you have to sign a cashiers check before you give it to a payee. Some cashiers checks do not have to be signed. If there is a space to sign, you need to sign.

How do you change the payee on a cashiers check?

You cannot generally change the payee on a cashiers check without it looking like fraud. Contact the issuer of the cashier's check in order to void the check and reissue.

Where can you cash a cashiers check?

At the bank that you use

Are you supposed to sign a cashiers check?


What is safer a cashiers check or a personal check?

A cashiers check is far safer than a personal check, whether you are the payee or the payor. If you are the payee (the one receiving the check) and receive a personal check that is insufficient, you have very little recourse in obtaining the money owed to you. If you are paid with a cashiers check, it is guaranteed funds, since the bank will only issue the check with available funds (meaning it has to be paid for with cash or purchased at the person's bank, where the bank can verify there are sufficient funds in their account to cover the amount of the check). If you are the payor (the one paying by check), the bank can trace the check for you if the person to whom you were paying loses it or says they never received it. Also, if the check does get lost, it will be far more difficult for someone to forge their signature to it and cash it. Also, a cashiers check does not have as much personal identification on it like a personal check does (address, checking account number, etc.).

You owe a a settlement from a lawsuit and paid it but the cashiers check expired do you still owe the money?

Yes, you still owe the money. Yes, if the cashiers check expired the money is still available in that account so all you will need to do is have another cashiers check cut.

Can you return a cashiers check?

If you return a cashier's check you purchased in someone else's name to the bank that issued it, you can get your money back. Check with the issuing bank, but you will likely need to make an endorsement-notation on the reverse that it was not needed for the purpose intended.

Can you cancle cashiers check?

Type your answer here... can a casheir check can be cancle

Is a cashiers check insured by the fdic?

It depends on if the bank is a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or not. If you get a cashiers check from a bank that is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, then that check is insured.

How can you Get serial number on my lost gun?

You can check with the dealer where the gun was purchased. He will need month and year of purchase.

Can you cash a cashiers check endorsed to someone else?


What is a personal check for which a bank is guaranteed payment is called?

cashiers or bank check!

When a cashiers check is obtained from the bank does it need to be signed?

Yes, a cashiers check is signed by an authorized representative of the bank. Then the person the check is made payable to will have to endorse the back of it, just as is done on any other type of check.

How do you get a cashiers check for making a large payment?

Go to a bank where you already have a banking relationship. Then ask the teller that you need to get a cashiers check issued. Normally a cashiers check will be preprinted with the 'Payable to' filled in, so you need to know who to make the check out to. They will deduct the amount from your bank account, so you need to have enough money in your account to cover it.


How can a i out if a cashiers check is bad. i think someone is trying to get money from me. ***** Take the cheque to your bank and ask them to verify that the cheque is genuine or not. If not, take it to the police.

Can a bank reverse a cashiers check deposit if only one of the payees has an account?

Different banks have different regulations regarding any type of check cashing. Contact your bank for information cashing a cashiers check.

Who signs the cashiers check?

A cashier's check is signed by an official representative of the bank that issues it.

Can you tape a cashier's check back together and still deposit it?

can i tape a cashiers check