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It depends on your homeowners policy. Read it carefully and call your agent. Your home should be covered unless there is a stipulation about having to move in within 30 days.

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Will your insurance pay if a non-licensed driver was driving a vehicle under your policy and was involved in an accident?

It basically just depend son your insurance policy. If you have standard policy and the driver was not excluded then you likely have coverage, if you purchased a more economical but limited policy, (AKA Named Driver policy) then it may not be covered. Best advise is to simply contact your insurer to ask if the non-licensed driver will be covered or not.

What coverage is provided when purchasing standard car insurance?

Coverage that is provided when purchasing standard car insurance are liability coverage and the legal right to drive. There are two liability coverages: bodily injury and property damage liability.

Is Vision coverage a standard component of all health insurance plans?

NO, vision coverage is not a standard component of all health insurance plans. As a matter of fact, most basic insurance plans don't have vision examination coverage.

What is standard purchase specifications?

Standard purchase specifications define the various characteristics of an item that is to be purchased. It also specifies the quantity of the item to be purchased.

How do you avoid losing medicaid coverage if you win a settlement?

Medicaid is intended to help persons who have little or no resources of their own. If the net proceeds of your settlement plus your other income and assets exceed your State's Medicaid standard, you're going to lose coverage at least temporarily, until you can show that you've reduced your assets to less than the standard through payment of medical care and/or other legitimate living expenses such as rent, etc.

Do homeowner insurance policies typically include flood coverage?

Flood coverage is not standard in most homeowner insurance policies. If flooding concerns you, then you should address this with your insurance company and have the coverage added.

How much coverage is there for jewelry on a standard homeowner policy?

Jewelry, Furs, Antiques, luxury items, bullion, cash, stocks and bonds etc. are typically covered under a required schedule of specified contents for an additional premium. Jewelry is not covered under your standard contents coverage. Your standard contents coverage is typically a percentage of your home valuation and includes furnishings and fixtures.

Can a car be repossessed because of no collision insurance when standard insurance was active on the car?

If your contract requires full coverage and you do not have full coverage, you are in violation of the contract.

Do you need insurance coverage on a residential detached garage?

Most standard Homeowner's policies cover other structures on the same property that are detached from the main dwelling. This coverage is provided automatically in an amount of 20% of the dwelling coverage and is in addition to the coverage on the main residence.

What does renter's insurance cover for an apartment?

Renters insurance can be purchased for an apartment or rented home or condo. Most standard policies come with contents coverage, liability coverage, and reimbursement for external living expenses in the event that your residence is significantly damaged. Here is an informative article I found on how to find affordable renters insurance:

Is coverage B required if you don't have any other structures or fencing?

Coverage B - can also include driveways, walkways, etc. It generally has no additional premium cost and standard policies it is usually 10% of Coverage A limit

What does Standard Insurance specialize in?

Standard Insurance is an independent insurance agency specializes in automobile insurance, providing coverage for various situation at affordable rates.

What term refers to the amount of coverage embraced in premium quotation in the rate manual?

standard limits

Does ford motor credit offer gap insurance?

It is included on all FMC Rec Carpet Leases but is an optional product to be purchased at the time of sale on standard Finance contracts. So if you financed your car and do not remember being offered it or have paperwork for it chances are you do not have GAP coverage.

Can an insurance company force you to carry your spouse on your plan?

An insurance company, at it's sole discretion, may force health/dental coverage on your spouse if the policy was purchased directly from the company due to the company's underwriting guidelines for standard procedures and are approved by the Insurance Commissioner.

Does homeowner insurance cover vehicles?

No, in fact standard homeowner's policies specifically exclude coverage for vehicles.

Will A Standard Homeowner's Policy Cover Flood Damage?

In majority of states no. Special flood coverage has to be bought.

What is the difference between Standard and practice?

Standard is a set of protocols or guide for accomplishing something or anything. Practice is the way of doing something or anything with in or out of the normal standard but still accomplish the intended result.

What sort of insurance coverage can you get from bluecross?

Consumers can find various types of coverage from Blue Cross Blue Shield. They offer standard and basic packages that deliver different copays and monthly fees.

How do the rates for commercial vehicle insurance differ from standard auto coverage?

Commercial vehicle coverage will cost more. It has to cover any person driving and the more likely lawsuits against companies.

How much liability coverage for small gym?

Generally, a standard one million dollar liability policy is what most have.

What does a standard insurance include?

"Standard auto insurance includes liability coverage, which covers damages and injury sustained in a car collision. Standard auto insurance does not cover your car's damages, but rather the car of the person you collide into."

What will homeowners policy cover in regards to laptop water damage?

depends on your specific policy form. you would need "all risks" coverage to have any shot. if you have a standard "named peril" policy - no coverage

What are the standard precautions when administering medication?

The standard precautions when administering medication include ensuring you have the right medication and dosage. These are intended at protecting patients from any possible harm.

What does it mean to have a standardized policy?

A standard policy is an insurance policy that is offered using a state propagated coverage form based on the states recommended coverage. They are designed to be cookie cutter policies that offer a uniform coverage for insureds and maximum profitability to the issuing insurance company. a standardized policy form generally has little or no room for customized coverage.