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If you purchased a home prior to a chapter 13 and then canceled the bankruptcy but now the refinanced rates are too high can you sell your home to your spouse if they have better credit?

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July 16, 2015 6:30PM

Generally a bank will consider a spouse just as responsible for the mortgage even if they are not on the loan itself or even title. As long as the mortgage itself has been paid on time then you can do what is known as a family deed transfer and I know of several banks that will do so with no hassle. Basically it's done the same way as a refinance except you are bringing someone new on title with better credit in most cases. The catch is 1- it has to be someone you are related to (in your case, your wife so it's fine) and 2- The person currently on the deed/title has to come off. The rates will naturally be much better than in a bankruptcy refinance and it's much easier than going through the hassle of a sale, with the attorney's, the contracts, inspections, etc.