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some states have laws on used cars under a certain mileage and lemon laws on others. Was there any warranty on the van? call your state Attorney general and ask.

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Q: If you purchased a van 'as is' from a used car lot is there anything you can do if it is a lemon?
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In New Mexico can you return a used car the day after you bought it?

A used car can be returned the day after it is purchased in New Mexico if the dealer offers this advantage. Lemon Laws exist in New Mexico and a defective car can be returned the day after it is purchased with no problems.

Which states have used car lemon laws?

Only 6 states have used car lemon laws.ConnecticutMasscchusettsMinnesotaNew JerseyNew MexicoNew York

Can anything be done if you buy a used car as is from a car dealership and the transmission goes out in two weeks?

Depends on if your state has a lemon law, and what the specifics of the law state.

is the car a lemon?

is the car a lemon

Who do you complain to if a new car becomes a lemon after 60K or 70K miles?

No-one, 60-70 thousand miles is not a new car. * The term "lemon" only applies to cars that have serious mechanical or safety problems when they are purchased or shortly thereafter. It is highly unlikely that state lemon laws would apply in the circumstances cited. However the interested party can research the laws pertaining to the state in which they live or where the car was purchased at Car Lemon Com,

How long does a lemon law for used cars last?

There is no such law as a "lemon law" on a used car. Lemon laws only apply to new cars.

Is there a lemon law on used cars with a warranty of 3 months?

No, the lemon law is not for used cars. It is for a new car you bought that is a lemon and a car that the dealer is unable to repair. Check with you state Attorney General for the details of your states lemon law.

Can someone sue me if they purchased my used car as is?

Here in 'Murica, you can be sued for pretty much anything. Whether or not they actually have a case and anything comes of it depends on a wide range of variables.

Lemon Car law Pennsylvania's what is it?

The PA Lemon Laws cover new car purchases but not used car purchases, although there are national lemon laws and consumer protection laws that do cover used car purchases in Pennsylvania. The full Pennsylvania Lemon Laws are too long to list here, but info can be found in the related links below.

How long do you have to return a used car in Ohio?

You do not have a period of time to return a used car in Ohio. You are stuck with your car unless it is a lemon situation on the lemon law. Then you have to proof that the dealer would not work with you to fix the problem.

What kind of protection does the California car lemon law offer to consumers?

The California car lemon law offers consumers protection against buying a faulty used car.

What do you do if the cheap car you purchased turns out to be a lemon?

If your dealer won't make good on your purchase of a 'lemon', don't give up! Your state may have specific laws-- knows as 'lemon laws'-- protecting you from this kind of situation. Warranties on used cars won't cover everything, of course, but if you are really stuck with a lemon, the law just might be on your side.

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