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to the left

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Q: If you push on a heavy crate to the right and it slides what is the direction of friction on the crate?
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A rectangular crate weighing 40kg is too hard for Johnny to push due to friction If instead of laying flat the crate was standing up on end would it be easier for Johnny to push?

I do not believe it would be easier to push do to the fact the crate would then be top heavy and would have the tendency to tip over easily. Unless the center of gravity was towards the bottom and Johnny was pushing at the bottom.

Is it possible for the friction force to point in the direction of motion?

Since motion is relative then yes friction can point in the direction of motion. This would only work if the thing that is causing the friction is moving in the opposite direction to the force pushing the object. An example is a person pushing a heavy box from the front to the rear of a fast moving train. Relative to the person pushing the box the frictional force is opposite to direction of travel but relative to a person standing next to the train the frictional force is the same direction as the box is travelling.

How does friction affect acceleration?

Friction can make it easier to accelerate something or harder to. More friction on the object being accelerated means it is more difficult to accelerate it. You and a friend are pushing a heavy crate down a street from a standing start. It's difficult to accelerate it. Now try the same thing on a street that is covered with ice. (The two of you have spikes on your shoes.) Better acceleration.

What is a bad example of friction?

Pushing a heavy rock

When You Push On A Heavy Desk And It Doesnt Move What Forces Are Preventing You From Moving It?

friction forces

What if the boy and the girl pull the heavy crate at the same time in opposite directions with 10 units and 5 units of forces respectivelywhat will be the net force on the object?

what will be the net force on the object?will the object move?to what direction will it move?

Why do workers have to push heavy boxes on carts with wheels?

rolling friction is less than sliding friction

A heavy crate accidentally falls from a high flying airplane just as it flies directly above a shiny red Porsche parked in a car lot when will the crate crash?

in front of it

What kind of friction opposes your push when you are unable to move a heavy piece of furniture across the floor?

kinetic friction

What are examples of sliding friction?

Examples of SLIDING FRICTION is pushing a heavy rock in your path, or moving a box on the floor.

What can heavy rain make?

tunes of danger it can make flods and mud slides and much more

What role does friction play when moving a heavy object?

It can make moving heavy objects easier for example sliding friction you can slide it or rolling friction you can roll the object across some kind of round cylinders or even fluid friction with water running under the object can make it easier.

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