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You own the copyright on material you create until you sell it to someone else.

Assuming you own the copyright before you post it, you still own it after you post it. Unfortunately, the public does not universally respect the copyright of online information, and you may find people try to copy it or reuse it as their own. Also be aware that most publishers consider posting on a public website "publication." So, for example, you usually can't sell a short story you've posted on your personal website, because it's already been published.

You will still own the copyright, but you have authorized everyone to make a copy. They own those copies. Like a book that was purchased at a store, they do not need your permission to dispose of the copy you authorized them to make.

When you publish something on the internet, there is a presumption that you expect and implicitly license anyone with access to make at least one copy for their own use anywhere in the world. This is because of the nature of the internet, and to view a file it must be downloaded and copied. However, this license does not extend to other uses for their own profit or commercial benefit (e.g., saving money by downloading fifty copies of a technical journal for your entire staff).

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Q: If you put a book or something else copyrighted by you on the internet who owns it lawfully?
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It is okay to write a book on something that is copyrighted, but you cannot publish your work unless you get permission from the author.

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You don't. Fan fiction cannot be legally published because you are writing about something that is copyrighted to the other author.

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How do you print a copyrighted book?

With the permission of the copyright holder.

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The only way a work created by you can become 'not' copyrighted, is if you've voluntarily given up those rights.

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How do you get permission to use copyrighted materials for resale?

Generally, you have to contact the owner of the copyright to use copyrighted materials.However, if you've already purchased the copyrighted materials (like a book or a movie) and are reselling them (e.g., to a used book store), then you don't have to get permission and you aren't infringing on the user's copyright.

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