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This is a very good question where business ethics plays a vital role. "Legally" the company does not have to hold it for you. It should be a best practice to hold any merchandise that a customer makes a payment on. Most businesses conduct their business this way as a means of doing what is right. If someone was to accidentally sell your merchandise to someone else the retailer or business should make an extreme attempt to satisfy the customer and get them their original request. It is important to keep all documentation, receipts, etc. with any sale. You can go to court if the retailer does not come through with an item you have paid for but you must present a good case and have all documentation. Ususally the retailer or business will satisy your needs before it ever gets this far.

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Q: If you put a deposit down to hold merchandise does the company legally have it hold it for you?
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If you put down a deposit to order something and the company has since declared Chapter 11 how do you recoup your deposit?

Contact the better business bureau for you answer.....

If i signed the contract for a used car but have not put a deposit down or had the financing go through Is the contract legally binding?

it depends on what the contract says - did you read it ?? Yes, it states and signed I paid $2000 down.

What is a half down non refundable deposit?

A half-down non-refundable deposit would be a 50% deposit on what you're making the deposit on (a $700 per month rent apartment might require a half-down deposit, i.e. $350), this deposit will not be returned at the end of the term / deal / transaction.

What does putting down a deposit mean?

A deposit is a way of holding an item till the full amount can be paid. Normally a company will let you leave a deposit on an item for a certain amount of time till you can come up with the remainder. In most situations a deposit is not refundable unless agreed upon at the time of the deposit. So in short make sure you understand what a deposit is, and the terms of the deposit or you my just throw money away.

For an employment application what kind of things does one put down for the question 'What makes you want to work for this company'?

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Can a car dealer legally refuse to give back a downpayment?

It totally depends on which country you are from.Check the Terms and Conditions of the contract, which you should have done BEFORE you signed it. Some dealers will not refund a deposit or down payment.

All the clauses of letter of credit?

Banking organizations usually write letter of credit. The purpose of the letter of credit is so that you don't have to put down a deposit. This deposit could be for an electric company or any such place. You do need good credit to get a letter of credit.

How do get your deposit back from a car dealer if you don't buy the car?

That depends on whether you signed anything when you put down the deposit, and whether it was a refundable deposit or a non-refundable one.

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On average how much deposit should mortgage buyers expect to put down on a new house?

Most banks require that a home buyer put down at least 25% of the value of the home on the deposit. Should one be able to put down more then the minimum deposit they could possible get a better interest rate on their mortgage.

In Missouri If you put a deposit on a car can you change your mind and get your money back?

Normally if you are putting a deposit down on a holiday, house, CAR, etc. and you pull out of the sale you will loose the deposit. Hope this helps

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Who holds the down payment?

The down payment and good faith deposit are often confused as one and the same. The down payment is the amount of cash a Buyer puts in to a purchase of a property. Example: John Doe is buying 100 Main St. for $100,000. Mr. Doe is applying for conventional financing with 20% down. Therefore, his downpayment would be $20,000. The good faith deposit is the amount of money given by the Buyer to the escrow agent in a real estate transaction. The escrow agent is usually an attorney for the seller or a title company. The good faith deposit can be the entire amount of the downpayment, or a portion. This is determined in the contract of sale.

How much i should put down a deposit for a car to buy?

The more you put down the smaller the monthly payments will be.

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What is a good faith deposit?

A good faith deposit is a deposit put down on a large ticket item to show you are serious about buying it. It can be any amount agreed to buy the seller and buyer. Sometimes it holds a space or reserves something.

At the end of a car lease do you get your downpayment back?

No, you do not. It's a down payment, not a security deposit.

Can you put a direct deposit down on a home?

"You will, in fact, need to provide some type of deposit down on a home you intend to purchase and the monies usually need to be in an easily accessible account, such as a checking or savings account, a 401k account or a bond."

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Yes you can get a mortgage if you earn £2000 a Month, but they may ask you to put a deposit down, click the link below for more info about a mortgage/deposit.