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Because you interested the ring one week too late you could of conceived during this week. If you experience symptoms see your doctor for a pregnancy blood test.

2006-08-04 00:00:54
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I'm trying to get pregnant but is it possible if my boyfriend smokes weed?

Yes, it's possible. Marijuana has very little effect on fertility.

Can your bladder stones prevent you from becoming pregnant?

No, bladder stones have no effect on fertility.

Does amoxicillin help with getting pregnant?

No, antibiotics is not a fertility drug and does not help you getting pregnant unless you are on the pill which antibiotics make have no effect.

You are trying to get pregnant and just had intercourse is it safe to go bowling?

Yes, bowling have no effect on your fertility.

After having a baby can pre-ejaculate get you pregnant faster?

No. Having a baby has no effect on your fertility.

Does a guy who drinks mountain dew lessen the chances of getting his girl pregnant?

No! Drinking Mountain Dew will not effect fertility or lessen the chance of getting a girl pregnant.

Can you become pregnant straight after stopping the mini pill?

Whether you are asking if it is possible or alright to become pregnant then the answer is YES, depending on when in your cycle you stopped you could quite possibly become pregnant. The mini pill doesn't have enough hormones for any residual effect, hence the need to take it at the same time every day.

Can you still get pregnant if had you had your IUD surgically removed?

Just having to have the IUD surgically removed is not likely to have a big effect on future fertility.

If you use to smoke a lot of weed and you get can you get a girl pregnant?

THC in Marijuana has little to no effect on fertility as it is a very safe drug. So, yes you can.

How much stress can you have while pregnant?

When you are pregnant you want as little stress as possible. To much stress can effect and harm the baby.

Does alfalfa have any effect on fertility?

No, it does not..

Is it possibal to get pregnant if a woman comes before a man comes inside her and how does that effect the semen?

Having an orgasm has absolutely nothing to do with the chances of a woman becoming pregnant. Neither does it have any effect on the mans semen or sperm. A man has to ejaculate into a woman at the right time during her menstrual cycle usually within 4 days of the middle of her cycle or ovulation for her to become pregnant. Google "fertility timing" on your browser for more accurate information.

When can you get pregnant after stopping the IUD?

It is possible to become pregnant immediately after removal of an IUD. Even with mirena coils which contain small amounts of progesterone, the contraceptive won't work as soon as the IUD is removed. Once your IUD is removed you can become pregnant immediately, it has no residual contraceptive effect. 85% of couples will get pregnant within the year, just as the rate if no IUD had been used.

Is possible to get pregnant if a man nut inside a woman and the woman go to the bathroom the next day?

It is definitely possible to get pregnant that way. A woman going to the bathroom has no effect on whether or not she will get pregnant. A woman urinating after intercourse can reduce her rates of getting a urinary tract infection, but it has no effect on pregnancy.

Is it possible to start to show if you are only 4 weeks pregnant?

No. Any such effect is psychosomatic.

Is it hard to get pregnant after coming off birth control?

Hi, Your question is: Is it hard to get pregnant after coming off birth control? Once you begin ovulating again naturally after coming off the pill your fertility level will be just the same as it was before you started birth control and will not effect your fertility. Once that you come off birth control, Yes you can get pregnant because it is still very easy to become pregnant. If you take your last birth control pill that makes you have your period, and that last day that you have your period, and you have unpertected sex, YES you will conceive.

Why do pregnant women become constipated?

It's the hormones. You get the same effect when you are getting your period or prior to it. Diarrhea is also an effect.

What effect do radioactive tracers have on fertility?


Can the implant effect the baby if I'm pregnant?

yes, you should see your dr right away if you become pregnant and still have your implant in.

What is one possible effect of global warming?

Scandinavia will become a subtropical paradise.

Can coffee affect fertility?

Yes, coffee can effect fertility. Caffine is not well for the body/hormones , when tring to conceive.

Does molt effect a rooster's fertility?

It does not effect the fertility of the rooster however because he is putting much of his energy into growing new feathers he may not be as active with his hens for a few weeks.

Does smoking get you pregnant?

No. It has no effect on whether you become pregnant or not. However, to is really unwise to smoke whilst a female is pregnant as the chemicals in the substances being smoked in naturally passed to the unborn child

Can you still get pregnant while taking the HPV vaccine?

Yes. The HPV has no effect, positive or negative, on fertility. Because the vaccine has not been tested on pregnant women, it is recommended that they not receive the vaccine. Animal studies have shown no risk to fetuses, but it is best to be careful.

Can still be pregnant while taking chemotherapy?

Yes, you can be pregnant while taking chemotherapy. Chemotherapy has little effect on the ability to become or remain pregnant. However, the effects on the resulting child are less clear.