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The eggshell would dissolve without breaking the membrane that contains the egg. See the Related Link.

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What will happen if you put a chicken bone in vinegar?

the chicken bone will turn rubber like and flexible

What will happen chicken bone soak in vinegar overnight?

If a chicken bone soaks in vinegar overnight, it is not likely that much of anything would happen to it. It will smell awful the next morning, but it will likely be a bit soft, and shouldn't rot.

What happen to a chicken bone when you put it in a glass of vinegar with in 2 days?

become brittle

What will happen to a chicken bone in vinegar?

to chicken bone or all others bones. the mineral background will disolve in, only remain the web of conjunctive fibers.

What happens when you put bones in vinegar?

When you soak bones in vinegar what will happen is that the chicken bone will weaken and the bone will become more flexible. So after soaking the chicken bone into vinegar for a week the bone will be so flexible that it will be able to bend. This is a great science fair project also.

What will happen if chicken bone soak in vinegar in the first day?

Vinegar absorbs and takes out the calcium from the chicken bone making it quite see through and flexible. I personally did this experiment a while back and it took maybe 2 days for it to get this way. If you soak it in a bigger amount of vinegar then it's possible if on the first day the same thing happens.

What will happen to chicken bone if put in jar?

well if you put it in a jar with vinegar it will become slightly bendable, depending on the width and size of the bone.

What would happen if a bottle filled with vinegar and lemon juice?

You would have a very acidic mixture that smelled like cole slaw and lemony freshness.

What will happen if you put a dime in vinegar?

What happens when you put a dime in vinegar

What happen when vinegar and water mix?

A solution of vinegar in water is obtained.

What will happen if you mix vinegar and antifreeze?

Vinegar is corrosive for the metallic parts.

What will happen when water and baking soda is mixed?

Not much will happen if you mix baking soda with water. If you mix it with vinegar something will happen. Vinegar is more acidic.

What will happen if you put a bone in vinegar and why will it happen?

if you put bone in vinegar, the vinegar will corrode the calcium stored inside the bone. therefore, the bone will weaken. don't rely on this to much

What will happen if you put the rusting metals in the vinegar and alcohol?

Vinegar can corrode iron, alcohol not.

What will happen to a flower when you water it with vinegar?

MY hanging basket was accidently watered with vinegar water.What can I do

What happens when vinegar is added to baking soda?

What can happen if baking soda and vinegar mix?

What can happen if too much gas is pumped into a sealed container?

the container will break

What will happen if you put gum in vinegar?

You Die

What happen when you mix vinegar and coffee?


When did Battle of Vinegar Hill happen?

Battle of Vinegar Hill happened on 1798-06-21.

What will happen to the container in which a exothermic reaction is carried?

the container gets heated up da.

If a chicken has Ebola and you eat the chicken what will happen to you?

You shall die.

What would happen if you mix soap with vinegar?

The Soap would mix with the vinegar and there would bubbles on top!

What happen when you put limestone into vinegar?

When you put limestone into vinegar, it will shift around and sometimes create bubbles.

What would happen to the pressure if you cooled down the container?

The pressure inside the container would decrease.