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They can sue you both. One your friend is the driving and responsiable for the accident and two you own the car. Better get your check book out.

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Q: If you put the title of a car in your name for your friend and they are in a car accident am you liable since the car is in your name?
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Will you be liable if you co-sign an automobile loan and your name is not on the title if the automible is in an accident?

Well, you'll be liable for the loan, but that's about it, unless you had something to to with the so-called "accident" (which is rarely accidental, and more often the result of negligence).

How can you hold the title on a vehicle loan to a friend and not be liable for any accidents that he may get into?

If your name is on the title you will be responsible for all debts and damages.

Who is liable when title is in one name and driven by another?

Title holder is always liable.

Am i liable if my son is in an auto accident?

Well this depends on a lot of factors. For one if he is under 18 yes, you are liable. He is a minor. 18 or older no, hes an adult. Now, if he is 18 or older and you are on the title, then yes you can be liable. Technically they can go after anyone on the title, even if you weren't driving. Mark Owner of Denvers Insurance

Who is liable if an 18-year-old has an accident with his boat and is the only owner on the title and the insurance is under his name?

It would depend on whose fault it was.

Can my mother be held liable if her name is still on a truck title that belongs to her now ex boyfriend for example if he gets into an accident or causes one can she be sued?


Can parents be sued for liability for a child on their auto insurance policy while a daughter drives her own car and is not living with parent and a title of her car is on her parent's name?

Yes, The owner of a vehicle is just as liable for an accident as the driver. Both the driver and the Vehicle owner are both jointly and severally liable for the cost of an at fault accident.Since you say the title is in the parents name, Then the Parents are in fact the legal owner of the vehicle as far as the state is concerned.The at fault driver is liable because they caused the accident, The Registered Owner is liable because the owner has a responsibility to ensure that all permissive use drivers have the appropriate insurance coverage before allowing them to operate the vehicle.Yes, If your daughter is still a minor, the legal guardian (usually the parents) can be sued under parental liability statutes even if the vehicle is not owned by the parents.

Who is liable if 16 year old has title and insurance in her own name and does not live with parents?

person's name on the title, and insurance is liable for any claims or violations. asian623

When is Legend of Zelda Search for a Friend coming out?

There is no such title as "The Legend of Zelda: Search for a Friend" coming out. While your question was written in 2009, it's impossible to tell what game released after it is, since no Zelda game has that as a title.

i have a renter and he is in the process of buying a new car..he asked me if he could use this address when geting car insurance. my question is if he were to get into an accident, would i in any way be liable with him using this address?

No you can not be liable for him using the address. It's just like when someone lives in an apartment complex if a tentant is involved in an accident the apartment complex is not at fault. His name is on the car title and on the policy. If he is the person driving then he would be the person responsible.

If a friend wants to buy your car but doesn't have the credit to get a loan and you keep the car loan and insurance and they pay you the car payment and insurance who is liable if there is an accident?

The person with the insurance. Never allow someone who isn't on the policy to drive the car. * The person who has their name on the title is primarily responsible, so since there is a loan on the car in your name, the title must still be in your name. If your friend crashes the car YOU will be responsible for HIS injuries as well as any damage and injuries to others. If you do not have his name on the policy as the primary driver and the insurance company finds out he was buying the car from you and driving it on a regular basis, they may refuse the claim AND prosecute you for insurance fraud. == ==

If owner of vehicle sells car to minor the registration is still in owners name and minor gets into an accident Who is liable?

If owner is away at collage and has the girlfriend sell his car to a minor, without parental consent, the title and registration of the car do not go through DMV and the minor gets into an accident who is responsible?

Are you still liable for a car you sold if the title is still in your name?

Oh yes. You need to get that title in the name of the new owner.

Are you liable to another PARTY if your daughter gets into a car wreck if you co signed on her car loan and she in uninsured?

If you are truly a Co-Signor then you would not be liable for the accident although you would still be liable to the finance company for unpaid balance of the financed vehicle. If you are in fact a Co-Buyer, then yes, as one of the vehicle owners your are jointly and severally liable financially for any accident incurred in the vehicle. Unfortunately their are many unscrupulous car dealers these days that do not explain the difference to the customer between a Co-Signor and a Co-Buyer. If your name appears on the title or the vehicle registration to the vehicle then you are not a Co-Signor, you are a Co-Buyer aka a Co-Owner.

Can the previous property owner be held liable for a mistake made by the title agency?

== == == ==

If your 21 year old daughter caused an accident minor damage title of vehicle in her own name but parents are listed as policy holders on this vehicle - are the parents liable in case of a lawsuit?

If there is a lawsuit, they will name the owner of the vehicle, your insurance company would more than likely represent you/your daughter. I do not think you can be held liable personally.

If a 16 year old lives apart from parent and has a car and insurance in her name can parents be liable?

No, any violation or accident claims are sole responsible to a person who holds the title and insurance under their name. asian623

How do you sell a car you still owe money on?

Let the potential buyers know that the title still needs to be paid off. First they pay you, you create a bill of sale for them and hold onto the car. Send in the money and wait for the title. When the title arrives, sign it over to the buyer and give them the keys. It is a pain for the buyer to wait, but you shouldn't let them drive off without a title. You would be liable for an accident if they are in one, until the title is signed over.

Can a person who is on the title but not a driver be sued if the other person on the title has an accident?

Yes, they can be sued. Its law.

If you are the co-owner of a car in the state of Florida and that car is involved in an accident can you be sued?

Yes. The co-owner on the title is just as liable as a single owner would be. * No, the co-owner could not be directly sued for an incident of which he or she had no control over. The exception would be if the driver was a minor then his or her parents could be held liable. And obviously if it pertains to a married couple then both would be affected, to what extent depends upon the laws of the state where the accident occurred. * If your name is on the title, you are responsible for the vehicle and can be sued for damages no matter who is driving it. Actually, you CAN be sued if you have any relationship to the title, loan, or driver if you are the "deep pocket". The closer that relationship is, the more likely the suit will be successful.

Is the bank liable for HOA fees in Florida on foreclosed homes?

The owner is liable for assessments -- regardless of the state. If the owner is a bank, based on a foreclosure, then yes, the bank is liable for assessments during the time that the bank holds title to the property.

What can happen in case of an accident if a car was insured without title?

title has no effect. insurance takes precedent.

Who is liable for solicitors fees when doing a transfer of title?

Depends on the contract. Seller, usually tho

In NC if I unknowingly sell a car to an illegal alien who does not have a driver's license and does not register the car do I have any liability risk as the seller?

Yes, you may be liable for any damage or injury caused by the new owner, should they get in an accident, if the title of the car is still in your name. You should submit a Notice of Sale form to your local DMV, which will clear your name from the title.

Can you be arrested for owing a title LOAN anD longer have the car?

No, you will not be arrested but you are still liable to pay back the loan.