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: Excess oil in sumpTry locating the drain plug on the sump. Slide underneath the front of the vehicle, look for the rectangular sump, only around 9" square at it's base. The drain plug is on the back edge and is a standard 17mm nut I seem to recall, although have a 19", 15" and 13" handy just in case. I know for certain it's just a standard nut size and does not require a specialist tool. Just loosen the nut and drain off a little oil. If you extract too much just top up with new oil, don't put the sump stuff back in. Probably best to have a new bottle handy, on one occasion I did this and dropped the plug into the oil tray and emptied the entire sump before I found it. I then had to get someone to fetch me some more oil before I could start the engine again!

Many people are under the misconception that if too much oil is put in, the car will just burn off the excess, and whilst this is true, it can cause excessive engine wear in the process - in fact too much oil is often worse than too little. Having said this, don't worry too much if the level is only just over the max mark on the dipstick, as there is a little margin for error built in to the levels. As a rule of thumb I would say that if it's less than 1/4" over the mark there's no need to worry.

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Q: If you put too much oil in your Daewoo Matiz how do you drain it?
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What oil does a daewoo matiz take?

TOTAL Syntetic Oil

Where is Daewoo Matiz oil drain plug located?

It is located on the sump pan under the engine. It is the large single nut at the lowest point.

How much oil does 2001 daewoo matiz 1.0l se take?

I guess its about 3 liter's of oil that the engine requires.

What is the capacity for gearbox oil in matiz Daewoo?

2.1 liters

Engine oil capacity for Daewoo matiz?

3 lite

What is recommended by the manufacturer for Daewoo Matiz engine oil?


Where is the chassis number of Daewoo matiz car?

Under the oil filter

What oil for W reg daewoo matiz car?

It depends where it is being used

Which way does an oil filter undo on a daewoo matiz?

anti clockwise to undo filter

What oil for a Daewoo matiz?

I'm been using 15/40 syn and she's been running smooth as a nut.

Where are the locations of the gearbox drain plugs in a daewoo matiz?

Underneath the car remove the large sump guard held in to the front and rear members by 4x bolt. At the bottom of the gearbox /finial drive is a x headed plug. remove it and the oil will drain. No washer to change as there isn't one

How much oil to put in a Daewoo lanos?

How much oil a Daewoo Lanos SE 1998 is used to change the oil in the motor

What type of oil do you need in a Daewoo Matiz?

I've been using 15/40 syn and she's been running as smooth as a nut.

Why does the CHECK symbol is contunious display on dash board to your daewoo matiz 2002?

you need to check the oil opening and caps to re-tight them again

How do you put the power steering oil in on a daewoo matiz?

there is suppose to be a small reservoir next to the coolant cap. this is the cap of pottle where you add steering oil. if you do not have such a cap, you do not need to add steering oil, because you do not have ABS.

How much gear oil required for daewoo racer?

3 litre

How do you drain out too much oil in your car?

Just remove the drain plug.

Where do you drain the oil from a 1995 Chrysler new yorker?

You drain the engine oil from the drain plug on the bottom of the oil pan.You drain the engine oil from the drain plug on the bottom of the oil pan.

Should the airbag light come on when I have just turned on the ignition on my Daewoo Matiz like the oil light etc?

Light should come on for 4 secs and then go off. If it stays on or doesn't come on at all then you have a problem.

What to do if you have too much oil in lawn mower?

Drain out the excess. Too much oil will damage the engine.

Why won't oil drain from your oil drain plug?

Maybe you have no oil! Check the oil level. If there is oil in it and it won't drain, you may have serious problems. Try poking a scewdriver in to drain hole might be clgged with gunk. It also helps to warm up the engine before draining the oil which will help it drain much better. also take caution since you could get burned!

What do you do if you over fill oil in your harley?

Drain some out. It is bad to have too much oil.

What gearbox oil do you use in SE matiz?

According to the owners handbook for a 2001 matiz its sae 75w-85 hope that helps

How do you lcate the drain plug under your car?

Depends on the year, make and model vehicle and engine coolant drain, engine oil drain, automatic transmission oil drain, standard transmission oil drain, front differential oil drain and rear differential oil drain.

What do you do if you put too much oil in your truck?

Drain some out..