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If you receive a civil summons for a lawsuit for credit card debt and your only income is from disability benefits can you have a judgment entered against you or be arrested?



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You cannot be arrested for a civil infraction. The judgment means they can attempt to collect the amount. In some cases they may attempt to take property to sell to get their money.

You need to see if there is a way to work out a payment plan. As long as you show you are making an effort, even making small payments, and are destitute, there isn't going to be much they can do.

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  • As noted you cannot be arrested for debt.

All Social Security and private disability benefits are exempt from attachment by a judgment creditor.

The creditor can still sue and receive a judgment which may or may not be enforceable against other property belongin to the debtor.

Please be advised, if the debtor receives a Motion of Discovery (interogatory, disclosure, etc.) directly from the court (not plaintiff's legal counsel) he or she must respond or risk being cited for contempt.