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If you received a contract appointment letter from Texaco international oil company for the post of assistant manager is true and legal?



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Did you apply for the post of assistant manager for Texaco International Oil Company? And if you did, were you interviewed?

No company just gives jobs to random strangers...they want to know you a little first.


This business of job offers in Nigeria are all fake. I receive 2 -3 offers like that in a week. All of them have the same statements about the job, but carry different addresses and company names. all of them claim to have accessed my CV from times-job website. All of them carry unbelievably high salaries and perks. All of them end up in my junk mail folder as they are all sent to multiple recipients. They are just targetting Indian professionals who are in high demand these days as they come cheaper than Europeans. Job Seekers beware, they are going to ask you to send some small amount of money to their visa processing agency at different times and will disappear from the face of the earth when they have collected enough money from you. I received a mail just now from Texaco Consulatncy Nigeria, for a job in Ghana. The company website URL mentioned yields no result and from my knowledge, I know that Texaco is an oil exploration company and does not run a consultancy. Such offers also come to me from North England as well. This is just because I have chosen England as a preferred job locations in many jobsites. All such job search operations are monitored by hackers and they know exactly what bait each individual will bite.

These are just similar to gaming lottery prize notifications that arrive regularly.