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Maybe, or it could be an error by the lender, a collection agency or even the credit bureaus. The best option is to send a letter of dispute to have the entry validated.

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How will student loans affect your credit?

OK, I cannot agree. I have about $39,000 in student loans and before I was in repayment period my loans showed up on my credit report but showed deferred status with a date. I have now graduated and I still have a six month grace period. Your student loans are still factored into your overall credit score and they affect your credit score negatively only if they are not paid on time.AnswerNOT MUCH, AS LONG AS YOU PAY YOUR STUDENT LOANS ON-TIME AFTER YOUR GRACE PERIOD (WHILE ATTENDING COLLEGE) THEN YOU SHOULD BE FINE. If you're still a student, student loans do not show up on a credit report at all. They only appear after you have graduated, withdrawn, dropped-out, etc. and the repayment starts.11/01/2010 I will have to disagree with the above answer. Student loans show up on your credit report before you graduate-how do I know this?-Well because I am a student with loans and those loans have showed up on my credit report under "deferred"-they have actually helped my credit score, BUT they will HURT it if and ONLY IF, when it is time to repay I default. I agree with the 1st answer and not the 2nd. Maybe times have changed since the 2nd person answered this question or even has knowledge of the credit score system in conjunction with student loans. These are government backed up student loans that I am referring to, NOT bank student loans.

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What would a good name be for a free instant credit report?

Free credit report is a great place to get a free instant credit report. I have found that they are not as detailed as some reports that you pay for can be, but this company showed us that I had a bad mark on my credit from years ago that I didn't even know about and I was able to take care of it.

If you are provided a company credit card by your employer will it effect your credit score?

Challenge your employer on this question. Much to my surprise my corporate American Express card was on my credit report. Fortunately it showed 40 months of on time payments. The plastic card has my name, but the over all account is in my bosses name and the bill goes to accounting. I never see it. Nobody here, including the owner and the head of accounting realized this was how it worked until I showed them my credit report. So your company may not know either.

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What is the normal amount of time from when a car is repossessed to when it shows up on your credit report?

It depends on when the lender reports to the credit bureau companies-- If they showed the repo today on their books and sent their update information to them also today-- then all 3 credit companies will show it today/tomo the latest. If they showed the repo today on their books but they sent the update to all three credit companies two days ago, then the repo will show up next month when they report again. On the other hand, there are lenders that send that information as soon as it happens -- so if you are going to do something do it now but don't be disappointed if it already show.

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