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A lawsuit summons be an official document that has the name of the court, the docket or case number, the name of the plaintiff and the defendant, the date, time, and place the defendant should appear and so forth. At the bottom of the "summons" will be the name and contact information of the plaintiff's attorney an official state court seal and the signature of the clerk or deputy clerk of the court. Debt collectors cannot file a lawsuit and obviously cannot issue a summons for said suit. A lawsuit can only be filed by an attorney licensed to practice in the debtor's state. A summons or subpoena of any sort can only be issued by the court. Any agency or agent attempting to falsify such a document is guilty of a criminal offense and can be subject to severe penalties in a court of law.

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Q: If you received a summons in the mail for a credit card debt that's over 6 years old but it does not give you the address of the court to answer is this a valid summons from a debt collector?
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I came home today to court summons taped to my door for daughter who does not live here for credit card debt I do not know her address what should I do?

Contact the office of the clerk of the court that issued the civil summons immediately for instructions on how to return the summons. In most instances the court will allow the summons to stand, as it has been served at the only known address of the defendant and the suit will go forward with or without the response of the named defendant.

Can a default judgment for unpaid credit card debt be awarded if you never officially received a court summons?

Yes, only a reasonable attempt to serve a civil summons is necessary. If the defendant is not located, refuses service of the summons, etc. the creditor's suit will be heard and usually a default judgment will be entered against the defendant.

If a credit card company sends you a summons will it go on your credit report right away or does it mean they are bluffing?

A creditor does not issue a summons. A summons is issued by the court of jurisdiction when some form of legal action has commenced. A summons will not be placed on a CR. However, if a judgment is awarded in a lawsuit, that will be entered into the public records section of the CR and will remain seven years or perhaps longer. In regards to the "bluffing", if the person has received a summons from the court via regular mail, courier service, a process server or a sheriff; you can be certain it is indeed real and should be responded to within the time limit noted.

Do you need good credit to qualify for collector car loans?

Yes you will. You will definitely need some good credit if you want to get a collector car loan. If you do not have good credit, you will not get the loan.

You received a summons from clerk of court giving 20 days to respond on a past credit debt what should you do?

Write a response as to why you haven't paid the debt, or why you should not have to pay the debt.

Collector effect credit report?

if you owe bank and is in the processes of paying them back but they have not yet sent a notice to the collector debt. Does it show up on your credit report

Can a civil summons be filed if the credit card debt has been charged off?


What to expect at a court summons for credit card debt?

You have to attend court on the day stated on the summons. On that day, you will be asked if you know about the debt, and whether you accept that you owe the money.

How do you answer a summons for a credit card debt?

First, make sure that the document you received is actually a summons to appear. A summons must contain a docket number and a court date. Many collection agencies or collection attorneys use a summons as a scare tactic, in order to get you to pay your defaulted amount. However, if it's an actual summons to appear, the last thing you want to do is not show up. If you don't appear, the plaintiff will get a default judgment from the court. With a judgment in their favor, they may garnish your wages or freeze your assets in order to collect on the defaulted amount.

Does someone living at an address with a bad credit history affect the credit rating of that address for anyone else living there?

No. Credit is tracked by the individual, not by an address.

If your father has defaulted on his credit cards and receives Medicaid received a Summons Can they do anything to him?

Question is not clear, but your father's Medicaid eligibility is not affected by his financial troubles. The credit card folks may get a judgment against him, which will affect his credit rating. If he comes into some money in the future, presumably they will attempt to collect that judgment, possibly from his estate.

Can simply receiving a summons notifying you that you are being sued damage your credit report?

Receiving a summons has no bearing on your credit report. It is, however, an indication that you are being sued over a bad debt. This debt may have already damaged your credit and certainly any legal action would be extremely damaging. It is always in a consumer's best interests to prevent a judgment from being granted against you. Whatever you do, answer the summons and raise a defense in court.

How do you contact credit a bureau?

Dear Credit Bureau, I received a letter from USAA Federal Savings Bank stating the Credit Bureau has a different address on me, Mr. Dennis M. Bortko; P.O. Box 40145; S. Padre Island, TX. 78597! YET the address on the credit application and the address on the credit report are exactly the same---P.O. Box 40145; S. Padre Island, TX 78597. This I don't understand. I called Experian, as their name was mentioned in the letter I received from USAA. They advised me to contact the Credit Bureau. I have had the above address since 2001, and it is my only address. Due to my extensive travel, I have had my mail forwarded to me from the S. Padre Island Post Office to wherever my travels had taken me,m but other than that, the address above is my mailing and billing address. Could the Bureau please record my correct address and confirm that with USAA? Please advice. Dennis M. Bortko

How to get credit card billing address?

i cant remember my credit card billing address

Lowes credit card payment mailing address?

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Where is credit card billing address?

You will find credit card billing address on statement.

How do you account for goods received and invoice received?

Goods Received: Debit Stock Credit Goods Received Invoice Received: Debit Goods Received Credit Trade Payables Result: Debit Stock (Asset) Credit Trade Payables (Liability)

How do you reply to a credit card summons?

If this is a reference to a summons received from the court that a lawsuit has been filed by a creditor or collector, it is best to obtain legal counsel. If that is not an option, the defendant should be certain they claim all property exemptions allowable under the laws of the state where they reside. If the defendant is a homeowner be certain the homestead exemption has been properly filed. In some states the homestead exemption is automatized under state statutes and does not need to be filed. State and/or federal bankruptcy exemptions also apply to lawsuit judgments for protecting a defendant's property from creditor attachment.

How do you write a response to a summons to court to contest a civil suit for credit card debt?

help, i need an answer.

Can a credit card company sue you in Nevada for unpaid credit card debt?

Six years. That does not mean, if you have not received a summons before the six years has expired you are "off the hook" for the debt. If the suit is filed even the day before the SOL expires, you may not receive a court summons until two or ? years later. Sometimes it is possible to defend the suit by charging the creditor did not act in a timely manner, but that's usually a longshot at best.

Can 3rd party credit card collector garnish wages?

If the collector sues the debtor and is awarded a judgment the judgment can be executed as a wage garnishment.

Can a credit card company or debt collector take money from your IRA?

No they cannot

Can Michigan pensions be garnished by a debt collector?

Not if it is creditor debt, such as credit cards.

You received a summons for a credit card bill can your wages be garnished if you do not answer the summons can your wages be garnished if you go to court and still don't pay the balance?

Well there are a variety of things that happens when you don't pay a credit card bill. Your interest goes sky high, and your balance will become huge, they cut you off, your reported to the credit agency/ bureau and collections agency. Yes they can garnish your wages if that is an option for them. You can go to court, there may be jail depending on circumstances. In the end your credit will be ruined. The only circumstance that would bring "Jail" into the equation is if you stole the credit card, or some other form of identity theft. There is NO debtor's prison in the United States!

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