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Yes, especially if he had you believing he wasnt married. If, you were married..would you want to know if your husband was cheating. I am and yes I would want to know. So I can kick him to the curb!

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โˆ™ 2005-10-24 00:28:00
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Q: If you recenty found out the man you were seeing is married do you call his wife and tell her?
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Can a married man be addicted to his girlfriend?

ANSWER:Definitely, some married man can become addicted to another woman his seeing with. One example was the man I married. When he was seeing this married woman, his always talking to her anytime of the day, before, during, and after work. His focus then was her. He avoid my children especially on a weekend. But because he can't lie during weekend, he found another way to be with her, by talking on the phone and Internet chatting. Now I knew why he always lock the door of our garage where he made it as his office. When his not with her face to face, he will be with her on the phone until2-3 in the morning talking. He gets up at 6 in the morning without missing it because the first thing he does in the morning is call her so he can hear his voice, to make his day. Believe it or not a married man can get addicted to another woman.

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