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You'll get more performance enhancement from a spoiler and a pair of smooth plastic spinners.

Both can be purchased at Walmart.

-John Brinkmeyer PHD in Cat Studies


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Why is the second paragraph a contradiction of the first? If hot water pipes 'Absolutely' do not freeze faster than cold water pipes then why the comment about the cold water pipes having a larger diameter which causes them to freeze at a slower rate than the smaller hot water pipes? Also, the word then in the last line should be thanand there should be an a between usually and larger. And, piping should be changed to pipe.

You can dig it up with a shovel, but you need to watch out for pipes. Then, if you want to decompose it faster chop it into smaller parts; can be fire wood.

Heat speeds up chemical reactions. As corrosion is a chemical reaction, copper pipes at a higher temperature will corrode faster

You should be very careful. You can actually cause your pipes to leak by doing this. The best bet is to replace that section with some PEX which is plastic and won't corrode.

To remove old shower pipes to install a new shower faucet, turn the main water off first. Then either cut the pipes at the joints or unscrew the washers holding the pipes together.

These days PVC pipes are faster and easier to fit and in many ways more efficient than cast iron.

Remove a few pipes. They are labeled as 'loose pipes'.

Insulate the pipes between the water heater and the faucets.

you should not fix rusted pipes. they should be replaced

I think it might remove rust AND pipes. Be careful with that stuff.

You should not have air in your pipes. Call a plumber.

Install an Automatic air vent

if the water in the pipes freezes, it will expand and break the pipes.

no your thermostat should be close to one of your radiator pipes under a cast alloy housing at the end of one of your black pipes normally has three bolts holding the housing in place

about 50-55 faster if you can get pipes bore over.. ect

i know of two on on the header pipes just before the catalytic converter i can't remember if there are more

The best way to clean out the inside of your custom motorcycle straight pipes is to remove the pipes and use a cleaning solvent and a rag with a long handled brush.

The lead will leach into the water and give you lead poisoning.

Remove the exaust pipes. Remove the transmission. It is located inside the bell housing section of the transmission.

A rounded pipe will reduce molecular friction of the fluid or gas traveling in the pipe. Rounded pipes allow freer, faster flow compared with any other shape.

With a propane torch. Heat the cap and remove all the solder and pull off the cap.

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