If you reset the engine light on the Toyota Camry and drive for 50 miles will you pas emissions?

It isn't possible to answer that question. Did you repair the problems that set the light in the first place? Are there any other problems with the engine? In general, if everything is working properly AND you have resolved all of the issues that the computer detected, you SHOULD pass the emissions test.

TheAp: IF you repaired the problem, you have to clear the code (either removing the battery for 10 min NEG side, or code scanner) Then you have to go through "Enable Criteria" Check mfg. for the car's "Requirements" to have the emissions system specific checklist.

and SUPPLYING your car is running in good shape and the emissions system is doing its job, most likely you'll pass.

if you clear the code only, you'll just clear the emissions checklist, the car WILL go over the "Checklist" again and for smog, your car MUST finish the Enable Criteria list.

In short terms, if its a part failure. Probably not.

If it was a gas cap you forgot to tighten and you cleared the code, most likely.