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If you roll a ball up a hill it undergoes negative upward and positive downward acceleration.

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Would a bigger ball roll down a hill faster than a smaller ball?

A bigger ball will not always roll down a hill faster than a smaller ball. It will depend upon the weight of the balls.

Why does a ball roll down hill?

Balls roll down hills because of gravity. The Earth attracts the ball.

Why does a ball roll down a hill?

A ball rolls down hill because there is no force preventing it from moving. If there was an object in the way, that would be the force that counters the movement/roll.

Sport that has a letter z in it?

There is a sport where you get in a ball and roll down a hill its called Zorb ball.

What is a sentence for the word roll?

She began to roll down the hill.He put some ham in a roll for lunch.

Why did the penguin roll down the hill?

he thought he was a ''bowling-ball rolling down the hill to hit the other pin-guins.

On what surface will a ball roll best?

A:In basketball A down hill smooth surface is the best surface to roll a ball on. no honey u wrong who Eva this is it roll better on the ground im smart right i no

How far different size ball will roll if they are let go at the same spot on a hill?

If two round objects roll down a hill, the one with the greater mass will roll faster. If they are dropped they will fall at the same rate.

How do you make a kill ball roll down a hill in halo reach?

place it on the hill, make sure the physics are set to normal, and release....

What keeps a ball moving downhill?

There is always gravity that is pulling the ball down. Therefore, the ball will roll until another force is acted upon it.. Like when the hill ends.

Does a golf ball go faster as you increase the slope of a ramp?

In other words, does a golf ball roll faster up a hill? No obviously not. It would roll faster down a slope, it's called gravity.

Why does a golf ball roll down a hill faster than a baseball?

it does because a golfball is smaller than a baseball

How are lava balls similar to snow balls?

a snow ball is a ball of compacted snow that grows as you roll it down a snowy hill. well its the same with a lava ball, but with snow instead.

Does a ball rolling down a hill have potential energy?

No, a ball sitting at the top of a hill has potential energy, but once that ball starts to roll down the hill it's potential energy is converted to kinetic energy, the energy of motion. I disagree 100% with this edit. If a ball is rolling down hill and is say half way down it still has potential energy ready to be converted to kinetic energy So the answer is YES

Will a ball with less or heavier mass go further?

Normally, a ball with more mass would roll faster down a hill, but, it will go slower when kicked or rolled.

Can a pancake roll down a hill?

A pancake can roll down a hill. The possibility of it is unlikely but it is possible.

Why does an armadillo roll into a ball?

some armadillos roll into a ball when its in danger

Does a ball roll farther on carpet or grass?

depends on the ball, big ball, small ball? Big ball would roll easier on carpet and grass, small ball would roll easily on carpet.

Since gravitiy was the acceleration that caused the ball to roll down the ramp Why wasnt the acceleration of the ball close to 9.8 ms2 2 reasons?

The ball rolling down the ramp might not have had time to reach 9.8 m/s^2. Also the coefficient of kinetic friction might have been high for the surface of the ramp.

What is the big inflateable ball called that you climb into and roll downhill?

The big inflatable balls that you can climb into and roll down a hill are called Zorbs. This activity is known as zorbing, globe riding, or sphering.

Can goalies roll the ball to players in soccer?

Yes goalkeepers can roll the ball to a player.

Sports names that start with z?

Zorbing. It's a type of sport where you roll an inflated ball down a hill. I know, weird,right?

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