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It will change the cam It should be set with tech 2 scanner +-2 degrees or can cause misfire and crossfire and could damage your engine

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Q: If you rotate the distributor on a 1996 and newer truck it will move the cam sensor will this make the timing go out?
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Dodge Dakota crank sensor what is it for?

most crank sensors are for engine timing with the cam shaft, the distributor on at least 97' dodge and newer controls fuel timing.

What advances the timing on ford marine engine 2.3?

If it has an older style distributor with the Duraspark unit then there are springs and counter-weights in the distributor that rotate the electronic trigger to advance the timing. If it is the newer TFI distributor with the computer then the computer advances the timing based on the rpm. If it doesn't have a distributor at all and has individual coils then the computer controls the timing. This is based on what I know about the 2.3's from racing them. Hope it helps.

Where is the CRANKSHAFT position sensor located on a 2001 CHEVROLET 2500HD?

Can't give you specifics but most Crankshaft sensors (CKP) are located at the front of the motor under the timing cover or at the back of the motor where they can sense the rotation of the flywheel. The rear ones are generally located in the tranny bell housing. Some engines were made with no crankshaft sensor. They get there timing info from a sensor in the distributor. A camshaft sensor. Newer vehicles are being made with no distributor; they must have a crank sensor. It is on the engine block, behind the starter.

What is a crankshaft tdc timing peg tool?

Here is a pic of it...You have to have it to replace the crank sensor on the newer Foeds...Jim

What would cause spitsputterbackfire and stall out on occasion on 1997 Pontiac Montana Please help?

Sounds like a timing issue. There is no way to advance or retard the timing in the newer models unfornately. Either the distributor\coil pack is going bad or you are getting bad sensor readings from a sensor, possibly the crankshaft position sensor. Is your MIL comming on? If it is then get the code read and start from there. Autozone will read then for free. I hope this helps you some.

How do you check and adjust ignition timing on jetta gl 1997?

On the newer cars like the Jetta there is no timing adjustment as it is set on the fly y the engine computer in accordance with sensor inputs.

How do you do a tune up?

In an older vehicle you replace points, plugs, condensor, rotor, distributor cap, plug wires, set the gap on the new plugs, set the points gap, set the engine timing and run a compression test. On a newer vehicle it's often just plug wires, plugs and an oxygen sensor. Some of the newer cars still use a distributor cap and rotor, so a tune-up varies from one vehicle manufacturer to the next.

Can you switch the timing pf a 77 Lincoln?

If you still have the original catalytic converter (probably not) then keep it low. If you do not have one at all or the newer type cat then feel free to get out your timing light and set it up to 10 or 12 deg BTDC. Simply loosen the clamp om the distributor hold down and turn the distributor until you have it set.

Does the 2006 Toyota Sienna have a timing belt or timing chain?

It has a timing belt. Only 2007 & newer Sienna have a timing chain.

How do you set timing marks on a 1999 Kia Sephia?

1998 and newer have no timing marks. Timing cannot be adjusted.

Does the 2001 and newer 3.3 and 3.8 Chrysler engines have a timing belt or chain?

Timing chain.

How do you set the timing on a 1993 Ford Mustang XL?

Most newer cars 1990 up the timing is controlled by the computer. Read the tag under the hood that tells what motor is the the car it will probably say do not attempt to adjust timing.That is partially correct. The computer controls timing once the initial timing has been set. You can set the initial timing. You need a timing light. Basically you set up the timing light per its instructions and loosen the distributor hold down bolt/nut. Remove spout, start car and check timing with your light. You can move the distributor slightly to adjust the timing and tighten down when you are where you want to be. I would not go above 14 degrees and if you go there use premium fuel. HTH

Does a Toyota 4 runner have a crank sensor?

if its newer than 1995 then yes. anything up to and including the 1995 model year does not Answer: 2nd generation 4runners have crankshaft & camshaft position sensors built into the distributor.

Is Toyota Celica 2003 had a timing belt?

7th Generation Celicas (2000 and newer) have a chain, not a timing belt.

My 350 Chevy engine pings when you give it a lot of throttle. what is the correct way to adjust engine timing?

That depends on the year of the vehicle. The newer 350's have a "knock sensor" that's supposed to sense fuel pre-ignition and briefly retard the timing during periods of heavy acceleration. If THAT'S what's wrong, just replace the knock sensor.

How to set your timing on a 1999 Ford Contour?

u cant most newer vehicles timing is controled by the cars computer

Is there a Lexus without a timing belt?

There are several. Anything newer than 2007 will typically employ a timing chain instead.

Does a focus have a timing belt?

That would depend on what model year it is , the newer Ford Focus models use a timing chain

Is a knock sensor the same as an af sensor?

No, it is not a knock sensor at all. An AF (Air/Fuel Ratio) sensor is also know as a wide range oxygen sensor. It is the newer type oxygen sensor.

Blazer stalls while driving and reaches normal temp?

If it is a newer model (no distributor) then it sounds like the Ignition Control pack is bad. If it is older (with a distributor) then replace the Ignition coil inside the distributor cap.

Does Kia Sedona 2006 model have a timing belt or timing chain?

the Hyundai built 3.8 V6 found in the 2006 & newer Kia Sedona's have a timing chain

Does the 2006 Hyundai Sonata 4-cylinder have a timing chain or a timing belt?

Actually a TIMING CHAIN ( 2006 and newer 4 cylinder Hyundai Sonata )

What can cause your HEI timing to jump back and forth on its own while trying to set timing with light?

Setting the timing on the newer computer controlled ignition systems can often require a little more research before you start. Often there is a jumper or some other procedure that you have to mess with to change the timing. You'll need to do a little research on your particular vehicle/ignition system to figure out how to do it, but in general, it's not terribly difficult... if that's even the issue with yours. worn out gear on the end of the distributor shaft, excessive end play in distributor shaft, advance springs missing or too weak, worn bushings in advance weights, bad timing chain and/or gears.

Is there a distributor on a 1994 Pontiac firebird with a 4 cyl or a v6?

There is no distributor on a 3.4. I don't remember seeing a 4 cyl in a newer fbody. But I would guess it too, is D.I.S

Where is Tahoe distributor cap?

If it is a newer vehicle it most likely has coil packs not a distributor. Follow your plug wires and see where they go, if they go into black boxes they are coil packs.