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Spray starting fluid in the throttle body (at the end of the large hose at the motor opposite of where the air filter is) and get it running on the ether, then it should take off on its own. But put in gas first. If you don't have ether (starting fluid), you can also cycle the ignition key to bring fuel to the motor. That is turn the key to the on position (not run), listen for a hum (electric fuel pump), when it ends turn the off. Wait 5 seconds, turn the key back to the run position, and repeat this five times. If this doesn't work, then you have a different problem.

Ether should be used sparingly because it can cause damage to your engine.

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Ether is unnecessary, just add gas to the tank, turn the key on and off a couple of times to run the fuel pump, and start.

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Q: If you run out of gas with a fuel injection car how do you restart it?
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If the car dies likeits out of gas and its not the fuel pump what is it?

fuel injection control module i would say

What are the specifications of the Chevrolet Aveo5 car?

The specifications of the Chevrolet Aveo5 car are: multi-point fuel injection, four cylinder fuel injection, uses unleaded gas, and a 12 gallon fuel tank.

Is there a fuel pump and fuel injection on a 1995 mercury tracer trio?

yes there is a fuel pump on that car an fuel injectors the pump is located in the gas tank

Why does your car start but it runs rough and not take the gas?

what sort of fuel system? carburettor or electronic injection?

You can not get gas to the fuel injection system?

If you cannot get gas to the fuel injection system, you may have a clog. You can have the system looked at and flushed out and take it from there.

Why did my Car stall when driving and restart again?

Bad fuel filter or maybe some water in the gas tank.

What do you do if your car ran out of gas and now it will not start?

When you ran out of gas, you could have clogged your fuel filter with any dirt in bottom of your gas tank.AnswerIf the car is fuel injected spray a little eather in the fuel injection system as you have someone turning it over. That's is what it took to get my car up and at em again.

Car would not start until gas pedal is depressed?

If the vehicle is equipped with a fuel injection system, it may be clogged. When a vehicle has fuel injection, the gas pedal does not need to be depressed to get it started. It sounds like the vehicle needs to be taken to a mechanic.

What is the device that controls the mixture of gas and air going into a car engine?

It could be a carburetor (old school) or the fuel injection system.

Does it require removal of the gas tank to replace the fuel sending unit on 1989 Lincoln town car?

Most cars with fuel injection the fuel pump is inside the gas tank witch means you must drop the tank

Where 2 find the part that the hoses hook to on the outside of gas tank 4 1989 fuel injection 22re 4x4 pickup?

Lower the fuel tank out of the car.

Why does my car use more gas than usual?

A car can use more gas than usual if it has been skipping service after certain milestones. A messed exhaust and a faulty fuel injection system will also lead to increased fuel consumption.

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