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Q: If you send something to yourself in the future and change town will you get it in animal crossing city folk?
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How do you Change yourself to an animal on animal crossing wild world?

It isn't possible to do that.

Can you change Animal Crossing wild world into Animal Crossing City Folk?

No, there is no possible way to change one game into another.

Is Animal Crossing City Folk for ds too?

No, but there is Animal Crossing Wild World for the DS and for the 3DS, I heard in August there will be a new Animal Crossing called Animal Crossing 3DS *Title subject to change*

How can you change your name on Animal Crossing wild world?

umm i suppose you could change your name legally...i dont know about on an "animal crossing world" though.

How do you change the time on Animal Crossing DS?

You change the time by changing the time on your ds. This means that the time on your ds will not be right but it will change the time on animal crossing. Hope I could help!

How do you change the gate in Animal Crossing?

You can't.

Why are trees pink in Animal Crossing?

When the seasons change the trees change.

Can you customize yourself on Animal Crossing?

Yes, you can change the way your character looks in Animal Crossing. In Animal Crossing Wild World, you can buy clothing from the Able Sisters to change your outfit, and you can also change your hairstyle. To change your hairstyle, first get the final upgrade of Nook's Shop (have a friend come to your town and buy an item from your store), and then you will have a hairdresser's attached to your shop where you can get your hair done. In Animal Crossing City Folk, you can buy clothing from Able Sisters to change your outfit, and you can visit the city and get your hair changed at the hairdresser's. Or you can earn enough points at Nook's Shop to get the final upgrade so you will have a hairdresser's in your Nook's Shop. You can also ask the shoe shiner in the city to change your shoe style or color.

Can you change the name of your city on animal crossing?

no you can't

Can you change your birth date on Animal Crossing wild world of Nintendo?

umm apparently no, you Cannot change your birth date in Animal Crossing Wild World of Nintendo. well, hope i helped!!!

Can you change houses in Animal Crossing City folk?

no you can't change houses on animal crossing city folk because i tried that alreadyu on all the animal crossing video games,BUT THERE IS ONLY ONE ANSWER :START A NEW FILE ON THE GAME AND YOU CAN A DIFFERENT HOUSE

If you get a makeover with a mii that has a dark complextion on Animal Crossing city folk does the character's arms and hands change complextion?

No, your Animal Crossing City Folk character's complexion does not change with your mii mask's complexion.

In Animal Crossing city folk how do you change houses?

you cant

How do you change your hat in animal crossing GameCube?

You can't sadly

Can you change your hair on Animal Crossing wild world?

Yes, You can change your hair on animal crossing wild world. You need to have the biggest and last Nook's store though. It is called Nookingtons. It will cost 3000 bells to change your hair and you can only change it once a day.

How do you save and get lots of money for Animal Crossing City Folk?

Deposit at least 100,000 bells in the bank. Then, change the Wii (or Animal Crossing)date to the year 2000. Get on Animal Crossing (in the year 2000), and save and quit. Then change the date to the year 2035, and get on Animal Crossing again. Check your mail and you'll get 99,999 bells interest (for depositing your 100,000 bells in the bank), and you'll also get a Town Hall model too!

When do the emotions change in the marquee in Animal Crossing City Folk?


How do you change villagers in Animal Crossing Wild World with an AR?

talk to them

How do you change your name on Animal Crossing without starting over?

you cant.

How do you change the name on animal crossing to another name?

you cant sry

Can you change your shoes on animal crossing wild world?


How do you decorate your attic in Animal Crossing?

the only thing you can change is your bed!

How do you change the floor in the attic on Animal Crossing City Folk?

You can't.

How do you change the time on animal crossing lets go to he city?

you have to go to the wii menu and change the time on that.

How does tom nook on animal crossing wild world change stores?

the store will change upgrade but not move