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A letter should be enough and will give you proof that you notified them. However, a call explaining the situtation might get you better results in the long run. have you considered driving it to the lender and leaving it?

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Q: If you send the loan company a letter to have them repo a car do you also have to call them?
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Can a co-signer call call the loan company to reposed your car?

yes they can call and take such action with the loan company that the loan company can then decide to take your car or call in the loan for full payment

Where can I find a sample letter to request skip car loan payment?

You do not need a letter, you need to call or visit the loan company and talk to them about this personally. Skipping a payment can result in the loan company starting repossession proceedings on your vehicle. This is something you do not want to happen so contact the loan company immediately if you are unable to make your payment on time.

What do foreclosed mean?

The action taken by a bank or loan company to call in a loan or mortgage.

Can a title loan company call the car in stolen?

No they can not!

Who do I contact to obtain a Loan Release Letter for my Jeep Liberty?

Contact the bank or the loan company that you used to get the loan release letter.

You want to know the status of your loan?

Call the Insurance Company

How do you modify your home loan?

Modification of a loan is done with the company or institution that is holding your loan. There is a customer service number on your note to call.

How do you right a letter about late payments to a loan company?


Can a finance company call your job before allowing the loan to process?

Yes, a finance company can call to verify employment if they deem necessary.

How do you get out of your car loan?

You can get out of your car loan by selling the car you have. You can also return the car to the finance company.

Why has your vehicle been repossessed if you are up to date on all title loan payments?

Call the loan company and ask them. If you are up to date on your loan you have a case against them.

What happens if you miss a loan repayment?

They charge you a late fee, it goes on your credit report and you could get a phone call from the loan company.

What to do if Being sued for unpaid car loan in pa?

Call the loan company and try to work with them. Next step is you loose the car.

How can I get the payoff on my truck?

Call the loan company u went through and ask them for the payoff

Can the mortgage company call the mortgage early When making payments on time or early if the bank is in financial distress can they call early?

You need to refer to your specific loan documents, but typically the morgage company can not accelerate your loan unless you default on the payments.

How do you pay off the car loan of someone else?

There is three ways to do this assuming that you are purchasing the car. You can call the Loan company and ask for the "pay off" amount and pay it in a lump sum or you can assume payments via a contract between you and the loan holder. In this contract you promise to pay the loan on schedule while keeping the loan is their name. This can be risky for them. You can also assume the loan through the loan company. This benefits both of you by getting them off the loan relieving them of liability and it promotes your credit. As far as the title is concerned it can be changed to your name regardless of the name on the loan. If the loan is still active there will remain a lien holder (the loan company) on the title. Y-THINK-Y

What is the main difference between a commercial loan company and a personal loan company?

The main difference is that only a business can receive a commercial loan, and only an individual can receive a personal loan. Also, a commercial loan can only be used for business purposes, while a personal loan can be used for anything.

What to do if you miss a loan payment?

Catch up as soon as you can. give the company a call to tell them that you have this in mind.

How do you file an insurance claim if you have an equity loan?

Your equity loan has no bearing on your ability to file a claim. You just call the insurance company and report the loss.

How long do you have to pay back a business loan?

It depends on the policies of that company from which you have taken loan. Also because no one can reply you best in this matter than the company itself.

What does a 18.5 yr loan with a clause that you the loan company can call the loan in 8 yrs mean?

It sounds as though the loan company has reserved the right to demand full payment of the balance in 8 years. You should have a lawyer review the documents before you sign. You are probably being taken advantage of.

Can you change your car loan to another loan company?

Yes, but you would have to get a loan for the payoff amount from the loan company you want to use

What should you do if your mortgage refinance will close a few days after your current lender said it will 'start' foreclsoure proceedings and they already sent you a 30-day notice?

Call them right away. Tell them that you are refinancing, ask for a fax number where you can fax proof that you are doing so. Call your loan officer, have he/she fax the lender your pre-approval letter, the good faith estimate and a note stating that the loan is closing in # days. Have he/she include the name of the title company or attorney that is closing the loan as the current mortgage company may want to verify that fact. Also have the title company call for a payoff if they haven't already as that is also a clue as to what is happening. Your current mortgage company may want to see a preliminary HUD so don't hestitate to ask the closing attorney for one. Good Luck!

Your car was repossessed with your belongings in it Can you consider them stolen and call the police?

You can. They probably won't do anything. Call the loan company to see where you can get your things or they will mail them to you.

How do you defer a payment?

Call your student loan servicing company and request a Deferment. If you are not eligible, then ask for a Forbearance.