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It will show up as a charged off debt for that creditor, but they may sell the debt to another entity and start collections against you for the debt weather you put it on your taxes or not is irrelevant. However, if you do pay the debt later, you can claim the payoff as a writeoff the same as you did it initially on the taxes but in reverse. Now its a debt if you can claim the debt as a liquidated assest.

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When will the cash book have a credit balance?

When there is a large amount of expenses debited or no amount of cash received then it is obviously the cash book is credit balance.

What is the journal entry for amount received for 50 percent sales?

At the time of actual sales[Debit] Accounts receivable (full amount)[Credit] Sales revenueWhen half amount received[Debit] Cash / bank (half amount)[Credit] Accounts receivable

What is the journal entry of rent received?

Basic entries are as follows: Debit Bank Cash Book account with the Cash amount received Credit Rental Income account with Cash amount received

If you had a credit card debt of 14000 and settled and paid off half of that amount and received a 1099c for the other half of the amount not paid how does this affect your filing of taxes?

The amount shown on the 1099C is considered taxable income under IRS regulations and should be reported as such when filing ones tax return.

Is it correct for the loan amount of a foreclosed property to appear on a credit report?

what ever the balance was at the time of foreclosure will report on your credit report

What does settled mean on your credit report?

A credit report will show that an account is either active or settled. If the account is settled, it means that it has been paid and is closed.

When paying a settlement is the credit score different if the credit report states 'paid' 'paid in full' or 'settled for less than original amount'?

yes, the credit score is affected. The people pulling your credit look at it this way, they want to know if you paid back what you borrowed with no problems, if there was a problem, or if they settled on a different amount, which means they took a loss. What would you rather see if you pulled a credit report on someone?

What is the difference between discount allowed and discount received and their accounting treatment?

Discount allowed is that amount which is given by our company to others while discount received is that amount which is received by our company from others.while discount allowedDebit discount allowedCredit cashwhile discount receivedDebit cashCredit discount received

What is the earned income credit of a person who is disabled with no kids?

This will depend on several factors such as the age of the taxpayer and the amount and kind of income received. There is no standard amount of earned income tax credit.

Is unearned rent a liability with a credit balance?

Yes unearned rent is that amount which is already received but which is not due to be received yet that's why it is shown in liability section of balance sheet and it has credit balance.

How will a repossession affect your credit report?

A repossession is a significant derogatory mark against your credit. The account appear with a similar status as any collection or charge off account. In repossession, the collateral is often re-sold with the amount received being applied against any remaining amount owing on your loan. If the collateral is sold for less than what you owed, the amount left over, called a "deficiency balance" is still your debt. The creditor can actively collect on this, report it on your credit report and sue you to recover the amount.

How long does a repossession stay on your credit score?

A repo will stay on your credit report until the remaining balance is paid off or settled, you still owe the amount left on the vehicle even though the car is not in your possession.

Will a cosigner's credit history appear on your credit report?


Journal entry for applying a payment in receivable system?

This would include a debit to cash for the amount received and a credit to the account receivable that the amount pertains too.

If a landlord takes you to court and the judge lowers the amount you have to pay is that reported on your credit as a judgment?

It will more than likely appear as a "settlement."

How is date of last activity defined for a settled credit card debt?

The date of last activity for a settled credit card debt is the date that the settlement check cleared your financial institution and was posted to that credit card account. As the account was settled, there would be no more activity on that account. I hope that you have a letter from the agency offering the settlement. Without a letter stating the amount of the settlement, you may have just made a big payment on the debt and someone else will be hounding you for the balance.

How does a credit card account settled for less than the full amount effect a cosigner?

A settled credit card account affects the co-signer in the same manner as the primary card holder. Settlement is payment for less than the full balance on a defaulted debt. Defaulted debts ruin your credit record. The co-signer is liable for the debt and the record of its' activity shows on that persons' credit for the full reporting time period.

Do recorded mortgages need an amount?

No. Some are in the form of a credit line or commercial credit line and no amount is recited in the instrument.No. Some are in the form of a credit line or commercial credit line and no amount is recited in the instrument.No. Some are in the form of a credit line or commercial credit line and no amount is recited in the instrument.No. Some are in the form of a credit line or commercial credit line and no amount is recited in the instrument.

Will a private student loan that is currently deferred negatively affect your credit score?

It will appear as an obligation and as such limit the amount that will be considered for total monthly payment. No I don't think it will affect your your credit score.

How do you account for goods received and invoice received?

Goods Received: Debit Stock Credit Goods Received Invoice Received: Debit Goods Received Credit Trade Payables Result: Debit Stock (Asset) Credit Trade Payables (Liability)

How do you record journal entry for cash?

if cash received then cash is debit while if cash is paid then cash is credit with other account towards which payment made or amount received.

Do free iTunes purchases appear on the credit card bill?

No, free iTunes purchases will never appear on your credit card bill.

Is it worth settling with a collection agency?

It kind of depends. If you settle with them prior to your credit reporting date it's a win win for you: No credit reporting and you save some money on goods/ services you received. If it's after the credit reporting date it reports as "settled in full" on your credit report, not as good as "paid in full" but better than not paid at all.

What is meant by a credit limit?

Credit limit is the largest amount of money a consumer can charge on a credit card. The amount equals the amount of credit extended to a consumer. Charges over this amount are usually allowed, but expect to pay an "over-the-limit" fee.

If you are an additional card holder on a parent's credit card account and you file bankruptcy will the bankruptcy appear on their credit?

The bankruptcy will appear on their credit if you include this card in your bankruptcy. If you leave the card off the bankruptcy, it will not effect their credit.

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