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Each policy and each state is different. Sometimes living with someone constitutes common-law marriage. Most of the time, your policy will only cover your possessions, BUT the liability portion should cover ALL Accidents.

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Q: If you share an apt. with your girlfriend and your renters insurance is just in your name is this a bad thing even if most of the contents are yours?
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Can you share renters insurance with your roommates?

Renters insurance is definitely worth getting. Most agents or brokers from whom homeowners insurance can be purchased can also write renters insurance. As for renters insurance being shared... since you are renting the premises, renters insurance covers contents only (not the structure of the building). The policy that you buy will specify the meetes and bounds of what is covered. It is important that you list on the application or other document tendered by the agent, the items that you wish to insure. The value of the items will determine the amount of coverage that you buy. If you are buying the insurance with your roomate, be sure that both of you are shown to be insureds on the policy. Keep in mind, though, that if you part ways, the policy may have to be altered for the person who moved because the risk has changed (the property insured will be relocated to a new location). Get receipts, photos, and descriptions ready for each of the items, especially the expensive items, and tell your renters insurance company that you want to add additional items to your renters insurance policy.

Does a cosigner for a contract on an apartment share in the liability and if so can one cover the cosigner's liability with tenants insurance?

Yes the co signer is responsible for the entire terms and requirement on the lease just like the primary renter is. NO renters insurance cover the contents of the apartment and in case you cause a flood to the unit below and items of that nature. There is no insurance for the co signer

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