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No, but because you have cut the ends straight across rather than smooth as they grow it is really itchy. Like the stubble on a man's beard.

Expanding on previous post: Wax if you have the time/money/patience/CAJONES! It's probably the most awkward feeling imaginable about 3 or 4 days after shaving. Like a cactus! Lolz. It's not like you can shave every day either. Bad idea. Your skin is too sensitive for that, in which case you'll end up with uncomfortable razor bumps. -xKillingxCupidx
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โˆ™ 2009-09-29 12:50:53
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Q: If you shave your pubic hair does it grow back thicker and a different color?
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Do you shave pubic hair?

It is ok to shave your pubic hair, but it will grow back thicker and blacker. I suggests not to shave it.

How do you make pubic hair thicker?

Shave Man

How can you make your pubic hair longer and thicker?

If you trim it or shave it it may grow in longer or thicker.

When men shave their pubic hair does the it grow back thicker and hairier?


Will pubic hairs grow longer and faster if trimmed?

Your pubic hairs grow thicker when you shave. But when you trim it grows out how it usually does.

How often to shave pubic hairs'?

You should shave ur pubic hairs' once a month. That is how often I shave mine.

What happens if you shave your pubic hair and you only have a few because you just hit puberty?

They grow back thicker and fuller.... Wax is optimal for smoothness

Why does it hurt after you shave your pubic hair?

Maybe without recognizing it, while you shave you scratch your pubic skin...who knows.. == ==

What percent of single women shave their pubic hair?

80% of western women shave their pubic hair but only 20% of Asian shave. Hope this answer your question.

Can a straight male shave pubic hair?

Shaving pubic hair has nothing to do with sexual orientation. It is a personal choice, and many men, straight or gay, shave their pubic hair.

Are girls supposed to shave their pubic hairs?

Its not absolutely necessary to shave pubic hair but girls do it to maintain good hygiene.

What do most guys do with their pubic hair?

Well some just let it grow, and some just shave it off. People are different. Like I keep my pubic hair, but other people might shave it off

When you shave your pubic hair which direction do you use?

I shave in two different directions. This gives a very smooth and clean shave. First I shave downward and then secondly in the opposite direction. You will then have a very smooth cut.

Should guys shave their pubic hair?

It is ok to shave it, but not to shave it all, you're pubic hair is there to keep you clean from bacteria. it depends on the person, if they want to shave then shave if not dont, but i like to

Do Sprouse twins shave their pubic hair?

Haha ! Hi dude this is Cole and yes we shave our pubic hair ;)

Do they shave pubic hair for male cystoscopy?

Do they shave pubic hair for a male cystoscope

Is it a predominantly gay act to shave your pubic hair?

No. Many straight men shave their pubic hair for hygienic and aesthetic reasons.

Best way to get rid of pubic hair?

you shouldn't shave your pubic hair. if its the pits, you can shave that. but if its your private hair, than just shave the borders of the pubic hair. If you shave the whole thing off, it'll grow back bushier than before.

How much pubic hair should girls shave?

herman this should help you IK u love uresled some hair

Do female American Indians have Pubic hair?

If she shave, then she wont have pubic hair

Do a lot of women shave their vaginae?

A lot of women shave their pubic hair. They don't shave the vagina itself, since that is inside the body. The reasons they shave their pubic hair vary. Some like it, and others do it for their partners.

Why shave pubic hair and not facial hair?

you can shave both.

Are teens supposed to shave pubic hair?

its not necessary to shave.

Should you start shaving your pubic hair at the age of 15 on your bottom?

The thing to remember is that hair grows back thicker every time you shave. Also, you are probably going to shave or at least trim for the rest of your life, why start now?

Is it good to shave your pubic hair?

Alot of men do shave their pubic hair if there is too much, however it can be severely itchy afterwards.