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Yes. If you have not taken delivery of the vehicle, you can still back out of the deal.

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Q: If you sign loan papers from the dealer but do not make a downpayment nor obtain delivery of vehicle at time of signing can you back out of the deal?
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Is an Automobile Buyer's Order a legally binding contract in PA if both the dealer and buyer have signed it?

In Pennsylvania, a buyer's order only becomes consummated once the buyer has taken delivery of the vehicle. Not at the signing, but once the vehicle leaves the sellers property.

If a deal is closed and you've made payments for 11 months to the bank and dealer later notifies that there is a downpayment debt of x amount can he repo and if he does will it cancel the debt?

A dealer can not repo the vehicle. The dealer can howecer sue you to get the down payment money if he can prove you owe it.

Can your car be repo'd by the dealer if you still owe on the downpayment even if your payments are on time to the bank my payoff on my trade was more then what i knew now they are charging me?

If the car is financed through a bank, the bank is the only agency with authority to repossess the vehicle. The dealer, once paid by the bank, no longer has any claim to the vehicle.

If you signed contract on car but did not pay can you get out of contract?

Having worked for many years as the director of the finance department in an auto dealership, I can tell you with certainty that signing must accompany "delivery". That is, if you both signed AND drove off the lot -- OR -- signed AND had it delivered to your home, then you own it -- you might as well start paying the bill. If all you did was sign but never took delivery, then the dealer cannot legally force you to take the contract or vehicle. If the dealer attempts to "get funded" for the contract (get the money from the bank who is financing your vehicle), then all you have to do is simply call the bank and tell them you never took delivery of the vehicle -- they will pull the funding immediately. Furthermore, if the dealer is requiring you to sign another contract, this is illegal. You can re-sign if you want, but the first contract is legally binding (assuming you also took delivery).

What should you do if you signed for a new car but the car you were to trade in for towards the cost was damaged between the time of signing and delivery?

You have to negotiate a new deal with the new car dealer as obviously the car you are trading in is not worth what it was before the damage. Contact the selling dealer.

Can you back out of a new car purchase?

Not if you signed the contract to purchase the vehicle, unless the dealer agrees to let you back out. If you have taken delivery of the vehicle and drove it off the lot it is now a used car and it belongs to you.

Will my downpayment be returned if i returned my car to the dealer within 3 months?

Not unless there is some very special language in your purchase contract.

Whats is the MSRP?

what is the MSRP on this vehicle what dealer has the vehicle

What is dealer invoice?

Dealer invoice is a term used to describe dealer cost of the vehicle.

Who should I contact if the car ordered is not right and you take delivery?

The dealer that sold you the car. Why did you take delivery if it was not right?

Can a car dealer take your car back?

If the dealer holds the lien and is the one that loaned you the money to purchase the vehicle he can repossess the vehicle if you fail to make your payments on time. Otherwise the selling dealer has no claim on the vehicle whatsoever.

How do you get the airbag light to stop flashing on a 97 Pathfinder?

SRS malfunctioning. Take the vehicle to the dealer for repair. take the vehicle to a dealer

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