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Because he is worried about his own inadequacy in bed. In other words, he doesn't feel that he performed well and he's afraid that you think the same thing. So he is telling everyone that you were bad just incase you decide to say anything about how bad he was. People tend to believe the first story they hear, so he is trying to beat you to the punch. Not that you would have said anything bad about him, but he has to make sure he is protected just in case. I'm sure you know how vain men can be about their performance in bed.

There are many reasons but the one that stands out the most is that he is very immature and disrespectful towards women. Also, when some people want to prop up their own EGO, they do it by putting someone else down, which is very poor behavior and shows that the person has very poor character. He could also behave this way to show off in front of his friends, and suggest that he is better sexually than someone else, which reflects his own insecurity about his "manhood". So basically he is disrespectful, immature, insecure, shows poor character and is just plain rude. I truly hope that you dump this loser, because this kind of behavior is likely to get worse, not better. Think about it; do you really want to be intimate with someone like this?? Respect yourself and have nothing to do with this type of person. I am a guy and I would never discuss private, intimate information about any girl, with others. ESPECIALLY a put-down or anything negative.

No class or respect at all. Move on, I'd say. This may also be an indication of how he would handle other things in life. Private things between two people should stay that way.

Maybe because he is a jerk and you made a mistake. You could've have a bad day and you made a mistake!!! But if is going to talk to his guy-friends about his sexual life than he is not the right guy for you!! That's what I say!!!

because your not good enough in bed? i think that's pretty self explanatory. don't try to read into a jerk's actions. usually what they say. is what they mean. no "hidden" meaning.

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Q: If you sleep with a guy why would he bad mouth you in front of his friends that you were not good enough in bed?
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