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maybe because it was a one night stand and it was all about sex it wasn't intended to be a relationship

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How would you handle a disagreement with a coworker and how would you resolve the issue?

Firstly, establish in your own mind that you have a genuine disagreement. If you you do then discuss with your coworker what the solution is. If you feel that there is no genuine dispute, you should ignore the coworker and rise above what could be their problem.

You observe a coworker treating a customer with disrespect and the customer leaves the store How effective or ineffective would it be to discuss the incident with the coworker?


If you were 50 years old how many hours would you have slept total?

It depends,if you slept an average of 8 hours a night you would have slept about 146,000 hours at the age of 50.

What is the correct spelling for coworker?

It is spelled both ways, co-worker or coworker, with no apparent preference, except by some spell-checkers that use coworkerand spellchecker. There is no similar word that would confuse the intended meaning.

How would you make a singular coworker possessive?

coworker's paycheck

A business memo would most likely be written to?

a coworker

Should you give a card for anniversary of death coworker?

No, do not give a card for the anniversary of the death of a coworker as it's in poor taste. Although many will have fond memories of their coworker and miss them, most would prefer to just move on.

How do you ignore your boyfriend?

Well why would you want to ignore him?

What are the nouns and pronouns in the sentence Doomore the dinosaur slept in a cave?

For the sentence: "Doomore the dinosaur slept in a cave.", Doomore and dinosaur would be the only nouns. There are no pronouns in this sentence, unless you changed "slept in a cave" to "slept in his cave" or "slept in its cave".

What does como dormiste mean?

As written "Como dormiste" would be "as you slept" or "like you slept". If you were to use "¿Cómo dormiste?" it would be "How did you sleep?"

How do you spell coworker or co-worker?

It is spelled both ways, co-worker or coworker, with no apparent preference, except by some spell-checkers that use coworkerand spellchecker. There is no similar word that would confuse the intended meaning.

Why would a male coworker wear panties to work?

because he's a policeman.

How do you say would have slept better with you too in French?

I would have slept better with you too is 'moi aussi j'aurai mieux dormi avec toi' in French.

What makes you tired?

in greek mythology they used to say that they slept because the evil Greek gods would come and take them hostage, if they slept the gods would leave them

Can you sleep with the power balance bands on?

Why not? There is no evidence that they do anything to begin with. It would be the same thing as if you slept with a regular bracelet.... or if you slept with your socks on.

How do you say slept in french?

The verb Dormir is to sleep in french so slept would just be the past tense form of the verb. The past tense of dormir is Dormi. Example: J'ai dormi (I slept)

How would slaves use the restroom?

They used the restroom where the slept...

If you slept for 20years how long would you have to live?

You would have to live at least 20 years.

What does ignore mean in spanish?

Ignore means the same thing but pronounce differently. Who would ask that?

How do you use the word afterword in sentence?

If you mean "afterwards", then it would be something like, "We went to the store and afterwards, to the movies."

How long did john slept if he went to bed at 940 pm and got up at 720am?

In my calculations he would have slept 6 hours and 40 minutes.

Where did Jesus sleep?

Christ would have slept at any home where the house hold offered Him a bed for the night. No doubt He also slept under the stars.

What would you do if a coworker told you he eats skunks for fun like ones he shoots in his yard?

The coworker is probably joking with you, but there is always the small possibility they are not and the best thing to do is say 'Is that so'; turn around and walk away.

Is ABC anchor Dan Harris gay?

I have not slept with him, but would consider it.

What shall you say to some one who ignore?

I shouldn't say anything. They would only ignore what I said.