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That is a good possibility.It also could be running lean and causing it to smell that way.If it starts running poorly or wont accelerate then you will have to replace it.

Need 2 find out why IT's running Rich.

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Q: If you smell sulfur from the catalytic converter of a 1995 Chevy Cavalier is it time to replace it?
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What is it when a Car stops running and smells like sulfur?

most likely your catalytic converter

Why would exhaust smoke and smell like sulfur?

Probably two problems. The smoke is most likely oil from an engine problem. The sulfur is the catalytic converter bad. The oil plugs the converter making it run hotter and putting out more sulfur dioxide.

Why would a 1992 Buick Skylark smell like sulfur and not start?

clogged catalytic converter Agreed.......the smell of rotten eggs is an indication you have a problem with your cataltic converter

You smell something that smells like sulfur coming from your vehicle?

The sulfur smell is the catalytic converter. There will always be some smell of sulfur. The converter changes the carbon monoxide in the exhaust to sulfur dioxide. Strong sulfur smell may be an indication the converter needs to be changed. This can also be a symptom of a leaking battery. We had a battery crack, and the sulfur smell was almost overpowering for a couple of days. Even after it was replaced, the smell lingered for a bit.

How do you get rid of sulfur Dioxide?

You cant just get "rid" of it. In cars, a catalytic converter is used to break down the so2 into less harmful substances.

Why getting black sulfur smelling smoke and bad mpg from 2000 Dodge Durango?

more than likely your catalytic converter is plugged

Why do a car smell like a rotten egg when its only on?

sounds like a bad catalytic converter they produce a sulfur like smell when they get plugged up

Why does your car smell like sulfur after you hit a snow bank the other day?

The sulpher smell comes from the interior of the catalytic converter on the exhaust line. The collision with the snow bank loosened some of the liner. You will have to replace the converter to get rid of the smell.

What and where is a catalytic converter on a car?

It is part of the exhaust system. It can be anywhere between the exhaust manifold and the muffler. It is usually half way between the manifold and the muffler. Some cars have two. The purpose of the converter is to change the carbon monoxide in the exhaust to sulfur dioxide. Carbon monoxide is a greenhouse gas and sulfur dioxide is not.

Why does the exhaust from my bronco smell bad it does not smoke or smell like a rotten egg?

The catalytic converter. They all smell, really strong may sujgest that it is going bad and needs to be replaced. Converters change the carbon monoxide to sulfur dioxide the rotton egg is the sulfur.

89 Beretta died smelled of sulfur now no spark fuel pump wont work just replace 20 km ago and no oil pressure No engine codes any ideas?

Bad catalytic converter. It won't throw a code. Replace the plugs/wires, too. You probably had a bad plug or two and it fouled up the cat over time.

Can you use high sulfur in 2008 Ford truck?

you can but it will cause damage to the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and other emission componets. It would take about $8,000.00 to replace parts. As far as I know all diesel that is sold now is ULSD.per for shop manuelNOTICE: For areas where ultra low sulfur diesel fuel (15 ppm sulfur maximum) is required, use only ultra low sulfur diesel fuel in diesel vehicles equipped with an Oxidation Catalytic Converter (OC) and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). In a diesel vehicle that is continually misfueled by using low sulfur (16-500 ppm) or high sulfur (500 ppm or greater) diesel fuel, the sulfur can effectively poison the catalyst. Continuous use of low sulfur or high sulfur can destroy the catalyst and render the catalyst useless.

What is a device that is attached to a smokestack to remove sulfur dioxide?

Catalistic converter??

What type of reagent is required to convert SO2 to S?

The catalytic reduction of sulfur dioxide with methane can convert SO2 to sulfur.

1994 Chevrolet Blazer with the 4.3 liter CPI engine what could be causing the sulfur smell?

have your catalytic converter checked. when they are going bad, you used to get a rotten egg smell, now its sulfer, or like someone lit off a bunch of matches.

Defective coolant temperature sensor cause sulfur odor?

These two mechanical conditions are non-related. The detection of a sulfur or 'rotten eggs' odor is indicative of catalytic converter failure/problem. As in the case of any emissions/exhaust component failure it is advisable to have it verified-diagnosed immediately to ensure possibly fatal exhaust gasses are not entering the passenger cabin.

Why does your cars exhaust smell like rotten eggs?

I'm not a car expert but it could be something to do with your engine or you can check the inside the bonet is there is nothing ask you local mot place <><><><> Catalytic converter is failing- produces very strong sulfur smell. Get thee to an auto repair shop.

What would cause a sulfur smell from the exhaust of a 97 Saturn SC2?

your catayltic converter is bad and needs to replaced

Why does a 2001 Honda crv shake when idling and smell like sulfur?

Bad catalytic convertor. Egg smell is a dead giveaway.

What is the purpose of sulfur in feed naphtha in catalytic reforming?

Feed to reformer is first desulphurised in Naphtha Hydrotreater so that CCR catalyst(Platinum) does not get deactivated during operation on high sulfur CCR feed. CCR

If you replace all the oxygen atoms in a protein with sulfur atoms what will happen to the protein?


Sulfur smell from tailpipe when running a 1993 Chevy caprice wagon?

Smells like rotten eggs? Catalytic converter is getting clogged and now is getting hot. This can cause your engine to run hot and possibly blow a head gasket or worse. Catalytic converters are VERY expensive $300-$600 depending on the car. MAKE SURE YOU KEEP THE OLD ONE. Take it to a scrap yard and get roughly 100-150 bucks for it. A little cheap trick that sometimes works, take a steal hammer, or 3lb sledge works nice. Crawl under your car and check to make sure the cat is not rusting really bad. If it looks pretty solid then violently beat on the catalytic converter, They are very well built and can take the abuse so don't be shy. This sometimes loosens up the carbon build up in the cat and can save you the expense of replacing it. It doesn't always work but its worth a shot, worst case you still need to replace it.

Why do engines on cars sometimes give off a sulfur like rotten egg smell?

AnswerBecause your motor is running too rich and the unburnt fuel is being burned in the catalytic converter, it makes the sulfur smell. At least this is what I've been told. didn't say what make of car u have, but a lot of Japanese cars smell like rotten egg just because of the fuel additives in the USA

Why would a 2000 Explorer lose power and the cab fill with smoke and smell of sulfur The manifold was glowing red Is this a Catalytic Converter problem?

It could be running lean. Check the fuel filter. It could also be a vacuum leak or the EGR valve. It would probably be a good idea to not run it much until you've worked out the problem. There are quite a few possibilities, and some of them are not very expensive, but if the exhaust manifold is getting that hot you could be damaging your exhaust valves. If the exhaust manifold is glowing, it's not the cat-converter.

Will sodium thiosulfate mixed with water produce a rotten egg odor?

It may or may not...if there is some acid in the solution, then sulfur is a byproduct of the equation, which will lead to a sulfur smell. However, I don't feel like it would cause the smell, without at least a catalytic amount of acid.