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Dear Reader; What BCP's do is change the hormone levels in your body. Generaly the goal in doing that is to allow periods once a month but not ovulation. What does happen depends on just which pill is used and the makeup of the individual body. With that in mind, it is possible to have a delayed period or sooner or not at all. You should have regular periods while taking the mentioned pill after your body adjusts to it. If not then do see your doctor. Dwight

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Is it hard to get pregnant after coming off birth control?

Hi, Your question is: Is it hard to get pregnant after coming off birth control? Once you begin ovulating again naturally after coming off the pill your fertility level will be just the same as it was before you started birth control and will not effect your fertility. Once that you come off birth control, Yes you can get pregnant because it is still very easy to become pregnant. If you take your last birth control pill that makes you have your period, and that last day that you have your period, and you have unpertected sex, YES you will conceive.

Should you start taking your birth control while on your period?

Depends. If you just got your birth control and you have never had it before.. What you do is take it the Sunday after your period. For example. You started on a Monday. You ended on a Thursday. You take your birth control that Sunday. If you have taken birth control before.. Yes, you take it. Whether you are on or off.

Will starting birth control pills before your period make your period come later?

Yes, if you start the birth control pill for the first time before your period, your period will come later. It usually comes during the last week of the cycle.

How do you start your period quickly?

If you've never had your period before there is no way but waiting. If you've had it before the only way to control is it my taking birth control pills.

Can you suppress a period by starting birth control less than a month before vacation?

Hi, You can stop your period from arriving by continuing to take the active birth control pills.

Does birth control affect your period?

It shouldn't if you take it properly. Birth control can be used to make your period more predictable & controlled. For example, I prefer my period at the beginning of the month because I expect it then. Mentally I just know new month, period is coming.

After coming off birth control how long does getting pregnant usually take?

After coming off birth control, it could take anywhere between 2 months to 6 months to conceive. It depends on a number of factors like getting your period after stopping your period.

Can you take your birth control pills before the first day of your period?


What causes spotting a week before your period is due and your are on birth control?


Should you still get birth control if you had unprotected sex while on your period the week before?

Yes you should be on birth control if you are having sex. You can get pregnant before, after and during your period!!!! If you aren't on the pill, be safe, use a condom!!!

Will starting the birth control pill before your period delay it?

Starting the pill before your period may delay your period, but you may also have breakthrough bleeding during the first three cycles. If starting the pill before your period, use a back up birth control method for the first seven days.

How can you get your period without taking birth control?

Your period will come naturally. Birth control does not help you get your period. Your body decides when you will get your period.

Can you get pregnant before your period starts after stopping the birth control pill?

if your not having your period you probably are pregnant already

How can you put off your period from coming you are on the birth control pill?

Ordinarily birth control pills do not "put off" or eliminate the menstrual period. Some women using depo provera (injections) do not have their menstrual periods while on that medication.

Why is your period coming out as brown discharge while on birth control?

In some cases it does. Especially if you are new to using the medication.

Your period ended today so when can you start birth control?

You can start your birth control the Sunday after your period.

What medicine to be taken to get period before its time?

You need to consult a doctor and see why it's late. If you want to control your period birth control is the only way.

Can you take birth control during your period?

Yes, you can take birth control during your period. You should take your birth control as directed regardless of bleeding.

What if you start the birth control pill a week before your period starts?

You can start the pill at any time during your cycle. If you start a week before your period, use a back up method of birth control for the first seven days of the pack.

Will starting birth control pills before your period cause bad side effects?

No, it will just change the days your period is on.

Will you miss your period if you take birth control a week before your period?

It varies by person. But I've done this before and you will probably just have a really light period (i.e. spotting).

Does starting birth control a day before your period ruin your period cycle?

I'm not sure what you mean by "ruin" your period cycle. If you start most forms of hormonal birth control the day before your period, that period may be lighter or shorter, or absent, and your next episode of bleeding is likely to come in about 3 1/2 weeks.

Can birth control delay your period?

Somewhat. You can use birth control pills to have a more controlled & predictable period.It can.

Will birth control cause a withdrawal period even if you are pregnant?

You get a withdrawal period AFTER you go off birth control.

Does birth control still work when you are on your period?

Yes but you dont get pregnant on your period even without birth control.

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