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It has been proven that you can lose nearly as much weight eating sensibly as starving yourself. In fact, when you starve yourself, your body wastes away and so it looks terrible without clothes on. On the other hand, when you eat sensibly, cutting out fat (oil, butter, margarine, sauces, etc), your body answers the call and looks better too. Eat more fruit and less cake. Eat more chicken and less beef. Eat more salad and less beans. Pasta is good, without the butter. Eat about 1200 calories a day minimum. Don't forget to exercise. The more active you are, the faster you will burn the food you eat. If you're a girl, go to the oval and walk. Start slowly if you're not used to it. In about a month, you will lose 12-15 pounds with such a healthy regimen. One more warning: starving is dangerous to your system. Anorexia is a real disease.

It would probably be easier on you and your body to cut out carbs than starve yourself. Its really easy and in 8 weeks i lost 30 pounds. So just eat like eggs for breakfast, you could skip lunch or just eat some bacon or something and eat steak or something with a vegetable for dinner. I promise you will lose weight and you won't be hurting yourself as badly. when your ready to eat normally again just slowly go into it and watch calories and fat.

no do NOT cut out carbs. if you're trying to lose weight carbs should be about a third of your diet (you need them for energy) and lots of protein. do lots of cardio work and lift light weights with lots of reps

I've been there, done that. It takes about a week on amphetimines. I ended up in a hospital room-heart attack. I'm only 22.

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Q: If you starve yourself how long will it take to lose about 20 pounds?
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How long do you have to starve yourself to lose 50 pounds?

You do not starve yourself. That would be foolish. You eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly.

If you starve yourself how long will it take to lose 20 pounds im 115 pounds?

If you starve yourself, you could die before you lose the 20 pounds. Weight loss is achieved best by balanced diet and lots of exercise.

How long do you starve yourself till you lose 5 pounds?

You should never starve yourself to lose weight, this is very dangerous. A well balanced diet and exercise are the best ways to lose weight.

How do you lose 4 pounds in a week?

starve yourself

How do you lose 50 pounds in 8 weeks?

starve yourself

How long must you starve to loose 40 pounds if you are 15?

It is very dangerous to starve the body of essential nutrients in order to lose pounds, no matter what age you are. If you are 15 years old and you want to lose 40 pounds, you must not starve yourself. Instead, eat healthily, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly.

What happens if you starve yourself for 10 days and how much will you lose?

About 4 or 5 pounds

How do you lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks as a teen?

you dont. dont starve yourself

If you are 12 years old and 120 pounds how long would you have to starve yourself to lose 15 pounds?

It takes longer to lose weight if you weight uder 130lbs. you would probably have to starve yourself for more than a week to lose 15lbs. I found out myself and you won't feel healthy. You will still lose weight if you eat low calorie foods you can look them up on google.

How much weight will you lose if you starve yourself for a month?

If you literally starve yourself, you could have long term health affects, it is not a good way to lose weight. A reasonable diet should help you lose 8 to ten pounds the first month, slowing down at that point. Consult a physician for help in determining what the best option for you is.

How do you lose 250 pounds in one week?

Unless you get gastric bypass you can't lose that much in one week. Even if you starve yourself.

How do you lose lovehadles?

Starve yourself...

If you starve yourself how long will it take to lose 70 pounds?

Starving yourself is never the way to go to lose weight. It can lead to serious problems like eating disorders. The best way to lose weight is to watch your food proportions, eat healthy, and exercise.

If you starve yourself for 20 days will you lose 20 pounds?

if you starve yourself for a week you lose from 4-5 pounds depending on your metabalism but i wouldn't recomend starving yourself after time it is no longer efective as your body stores fat when it realises you're not eating i would try the special k diet it is very effective and more safe than starving yourself

How do you starve myself to lose 60 pounds?

It is unsafe to starve yourself in order to lose weight. The best way to lose weight is by eating a balanced diet and lots of exercise.

How long do you have to starve yourself to lose 70 lbs?

starving yourself does not help you lose anything when you eat food you get energy when you dont your Metabolism ( fat burner ) slows way down so you burn almost nothing exersise dont starve yourself

If you intend to starve yourself for a week to lose weight how many pounds will you lose - please just answer the question rather than say not to do it?

You will probably loose like 3-5 pounds

How many pounds will you lose if you starve yourself for one week?

Starving yourself for one week is not a good way to lose weight. Starving yourself causes your body to go into starvation mode. During this time your body will store fat and you will not lose weight.

If you are 5' 7 and weigh 185 pounds how long should you starve yourself to get down to 120 pounds?

Because you should NEVER starve yourself. Look, let's get real. You wanna lose 65 pounds. You didn't gain that wait overnight, so you're not gonna lose it overnight either. If you drop your caloric intake by 500 calories per day and increase your physical activity by 500 calories per day, you will lose about two pounds per week. So, theoretically, you can achieve your target weight in about eight months.

How many pounds will you lose in a week if you starve yourself and exercise?

If you starve yourself and exercise for a week, you could probably lose anywhere from 5 to 10 lbs. But, that will mostly be water weight and not the weight from fat that you are hoping to lose. When you starve yourself, your body goes in "starvation mode," meaning that everything you eat is stored directly as fat because the body conserves as much energy as possible to keep you alive because it thinks you are starving to death. Therefore, it would take you longer to lose that ten pounds of by fasting rather than eating healthy and exercising.

If you starve yourself for 5 days how many pounds will you lose?

None. Starving yourself is the worst possible way to lose weight, and can lead to eating disorders. If anything, in order to lose weight you need to eat more and exerciseproperly.

If you starve yourself for 15 days without eating anything but only drinking water how much weight will you lose?

if you starve yourself for 35 hours you can lose 2 kg. i guess you can lose to 20 kg.

Will you lose weight if you starve yourself for four days and then eat on the fifth day?

u will loose weight if u starve u r self for as long as u can

You dont know whever you should starve yourself or no?

never starve yourself! that is completely unhealthy! if you want to lose weight talk to your doctor.

How much weight will you lose if you starve yourself for a day?

You will not lose enough weight to notice by starving yourself for one day.