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If you stop eating but you exercise while you're not eating will you still have muscle and not fat when you start to eat again?

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2013-02-28 00:22:23

I am responding to the answer below given by another user. "Your

body will start to eat itself" is true, but I would like to add

that your body will first use muscle once your glycogen stores are

gone (within a few hours of not eating). It will use muscle before

fat because muscle gives the body energy quickly, whereas fat gives

your body energy slowly. If you are exercising while not eating,

your body needs energy quickly and therefore will burn muscle for

energy. Another consequence of not eating is a body-chemistry

change. Your metabolism (the rate at which your body burns calories

for energy) will slow dramatically in order to preserve energy for

as long as possible. This is frequently called "starvation mode".

Your body will keep your metabolism as low as possible, and store

fat to prevent starvation.

Your body will start to eat itself to provide energy to

exercise. And you won't have the energy to safely exercise if you

are not eating a balanced diet. Starvation diets are never


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