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finding people who dont want to be found is the repomans job. MOST of them are VERY good at it too. good Luck on hiding the car. Remember, cars dont just fall off the face of the earth. Someone knows where they are.And usually will tell if the price is right.

try, I found it and it's a great website that has answers to all of your questions. and saved my car from repossession....

As a "collector" I find it is sometimes easier to locate people out of state. Most people leave a BIG MESS behind, and someone is always willing to help ($$$ will turn people, everyone has a price!) If they are still around the "feel bad for the idea of it, but distance an an anonymous "helper" get's the job done.

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Q: If you stop making payments on your car and move will the repo man or finance company find you?
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How do you find out if the owner still owe a finance company on the car you are buying?

how do you find out if the owner still owe a finance company on the car you are buying?

What can you do if you sold a car on payments privately and you still have the title and the buyer is hiding and not making payments?

First you have to find the car, then you can repo it yourself or hire a repo company to do it. Email me if you need more help. Good Luck

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How can you find finance company to a abandoned car?

Leinholder if any will be on has no registration

What you do if making payments and cars not working?

You're pretty much out of luck. You'll need to find some money to have it fixed in addition to the payments.

You sent a check for your last 4 months of car payments The finance company sent you a release of lien then called to say the check had bounced They just repossessed your car - is that legal?

In effect, the car isn't paid off. If you check your documentation, you will find that they can do that. If the cheque bounced, the payments haven't been made.

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Call your finance company.

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Is there any advantage to voluntary repossession as opposed to not making payments and letting the finance company come get the car?

MONEY, any additional money the lender spends to get the car back will be charged to the acct. Any late fees,att. fees, ect. will be the same. IF you can find a buyer yourself, you will save TONS of money. You can sell it for much more than it will bring at auction.

Why won't they finance autos?

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What do you do if you want your car repossessed because you can't afford the payments but the finance company refuses to take it?

they dont have to take the car back,although they can sue you for the value or the balance of the loan If the lender is local, leave it in their parking lot, then call them and tell them where to find the car.

This car has been abandoned at my house and is up for repossession. Will you come get it without me paying for all these FREE things that are not free False advertizing! Why should I pay when I am doing the finance company a favor?

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