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If you stop making payments on your car and move will the repo man or finance company find you?


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2015-07-16 19:26:47
2015-07-16 19:26:47

finding people who dont want to be found is the repomans job. MOST of them are VERY good at it too. good Luck on hiding the car. Remember, cars dont just fall off the face of the earth. Someone knows where they are.And usually will tell if the price is right.

try, I found it and it's a great website that has answers to all of your questions. and saved my car from repossession....

As a "collector" I find it is sometimes easier to locate people out of state. Most people leave a BIG MESS behind, and someone is always willing to help ($$$ will turn people, everyone has a price!) If they are still around the "feel bad for the idea of it, but distance an an anonymous "helper" get's the job done.


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how do you find out if the owner still owe a finance company on the car you are buying?

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First you have to find the car, then you can repo it yourself or hire a repo company to do it. Email me if you need more help. Good Luck

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It may be if it were paid up or if you have continued making payments or you directed the dividends to make the payments for you. You would need to find the company or whoever bought them, call and ask. It's that simple.

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Leinholder if any will be on has no registration

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